Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I dont know what should I write here.Talk about the history of Christmas?or talk about what I have done a little bit of shit in 2007.Lord,why did u forsake me?O Lord,dont be far away!

Jared was go home last last week~ED moved to a new hood~GreenBean must growing bigger~Chris and Leah still enjoy the beautfiul life~....hhhh..what about me?...Im pretty busy recently.work on day,hacking the kernel code at night.And deal with how get start my business in rest of day.....I feeling frenk'in weakness now...but Lord Jesus,I still love you.It's not every Christian has the breave heart to spend all life for cultural mission,freedom...democracy...~~Fear is the weakness of hummanility.But Bible mentioned about 365 times "do not afraid!" that means we should tell ourseleves very day at once.Even though a lot of Christian chose that "give up",I would not obey this fucking world!!!

2007...a lot of people who were a democracy guys but now not a warroir anymore...more friends of mine choose obey the "world" that just foucs on how to making money...The enemy still there,very powerful..impressively..but Shawn the R0ck will choose the side of God who created these enemy.MY LORD,thanks for create our enemy that make me strongger!!!

Me,pi and FB

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

what should a young man do?Just say *fucxxxing*

"There are some people who are never young, and there are other people who are never old. I am one of the other people."

Collins, Wilkie, 1824-1889

I got a video from John Romero's blog.It's pretty funny that make me remind my passion when I talking about DOOM and QUake with people.


一直到上周和Jared的Christmas Concert,Shawn今年第一次拥有如此好的心情.感谢可爱的老婆的支持,2007年能找到可爱的乖乖真的其他都不奢求了.haha~

btw:I hope Scott can going to Beijing for work next year.


,是非常猛烈的火焰。爱情,众水不能熄灭,洪流不能淹没;如果有人拿自己家里所有的财产去换取爱情,就必被藐视。圣经旧约 雅歌 8:6-7

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving in 2007

localhost login:Shawn the R0ck
*Thanksgiv(ing) to the LOrd of Warrior*
*Taught me that if you get what you shouldnt get then you will lose what you should get.Thank Lord point me to Free Software world that will be my field which Glory to HIm*

*Kick a beautiful girl to me.Thank Lord pick her up.ANd she pushing me to quit smomomomomoming...:)*

*A chance that hangout with Chris who was my mentor in past 2.5 years.*

*The Chronicle of Transformers(2007---?)*


localhost login:root

root$gcc -o Thanksgiving God.o is.o Love.o
***For God so loved the world that he gave his only SON,so that everyone who believes in HiM may not perish but may have eternal life. John 3:16***

root$ps -ef | grep Thanksg*
PID name ............
3 Thanksgiving ............
17246 grep Thanksgiving ......

root$kill -9 3
***No one can copping out of my face even "root".My name is Lord of God.Say the Lord.***

最近听Bach和类Baroque音乐的确不错,上周又看了一篇关于Pansystems的文章,其实量子物理也进行了很系统的宇宙解释,不过Pansystems更容易让中国人理解.就如圣经所隐喻人类可以了解二元的事物,3 is a magical number~举一反万,系万归一.Pansystems的确是二元对称的平衡描述.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shadow Of The Day and What I've done(Girl version)

We should effort to making a better world.

Nice voice but tone of an instrument is too average.She make me remind Evanessence who is a beauty and talent Gothlic band.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Does anyone tell me that Linkinpark==Christian band

I have read a article about Linkinpark's faith that said is below:

Linkin Park is NOT a Christian band.

This was an old assumption people made because they toured with P.O.D. and didn't curse on 'Hybrid Theory'. [Phoenix, however used to be in a Christian punk band called the Snax.] The actual religious makeup of the band is quite scattered. Brad and Rob are Jewish, Chester has his own "really unique views" on religion (which means he prob doesn't belong to any particular religion), Mike was raised in "a really, really liberally Protestant church" and Joe was raised "in [a] little more conservative Christian church". When asked about religion and spiritual advice, Linkin Park have told kids to ask their parents, not them.

As for the lack of "cursing" on the "Hybrid Theory" album - there's no real reason for it. Linkin Park wrote honest lyrics and what came out; came out. They have also said that they didn't want to slack on the writing or take the easy way out by spewing a bunch of curse words on any given song. As for other songs and albums, they HAVE cursed and they may do it again. This wouldn't be a big deal but thanks to the 1st album being curse-free and having such mainstream success, it has become an issue for some people. No one would question Korn's use of the word "fuck", so why question LP's?! Either way Lp's music is always honest and good.

Probably they were CHristian band if you have listen these album that called Minutes to Midnight.And some friends of mine told me that they are not a Christian band.Who can give me a hundred-percent answer?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fuck off,mfc!

Because of my manager want to sign a contract with me which will work for company for 1 year.I was directed tell him "no".Why?It mean that I have to work with mfc if I agree with contract.Finally,I was quit today.Great!It's time to say goodbye to Microsoft Development.Im looking for a new job about Linux Development.Im fed up with that MSDN always told me that what is seem like but not what is it when I tried to know a implement of function.

Some friends of mine warning are below:
1,hey,Shawn.You're just a newbie programmer.You should stay right there for 1 more year.
2,wow,Shawn.Good job is not easy to get.

God is my friend.I have nothing to worry about.I will busting my ass to fight with Free Software just for Glory to God.LOrd,it's worthy to praise you whatever situation we got.

BTW:I have hang out a little id player who name is Kaio.I have seen some pure game mind by him like myself before.It's awesome!b2L9 invited LOrd Jesus into his life last month.Praise the Lord!!!

辞职了,感觉很爽,今年第一次有越狱成功的感觉,2007年让Shawn更加看清楚上帝为Shawn所预备的路,路途艰险,敌人很强大,但是创造敌人乃至世界的那位上帝愿意与Shawn同在,Shawn会怎么选择?Shawn绝对不会顺从这个世界.感谢J. R. R. Tolkien写了那部The Silmarillion,让Shawn明白了很多圣经的隐喻,感谢主医治Sara,感谢主在老刘和Jeff身上做工,感谢主老板很理解Shawn的选择....


Friday, October 19, 2007

It's time to say "goodbye" to SourceInsight

一直以来阅读kernel code都在用SourceInsight,本来是打算等au0Z把lxr搞出来再用的,但这家伙一拖再拖Shawn有点郁闷了,搞动漫搞成这样Shawn服了.....今天看到一位网友的blog上面提到用vim+ctags+taglist组合可以替代sourceInsight,就索性试试,结果的确很爽,linux下的东东的确很棒,sourceInsight是Shawn近半年来在windows下唯一用的和开发相关的工具,而且大多时候是为了研究linux kernel,这里有介绍如何使用ctags.


PS:这张图片是为老婆发的,嘿嘿 最近样子很颓废...........

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great music!

Some beautiful songs from friend that You can download here.This ablum writen by Jared when he travelling around the world.From Africa-Jerusalem-JiuZhaiGou-Xiamen-HongKong-Mexico and USA.

One of my friend acceptted L0rd Jesus yesterday night!Thanks au0Z bring him here.

PS:经过了30多分钟的compile终于chicken可以运行,又是一个好东东,很久没在电锯在线用电脑了,感觉不错,毕竟有一帮兄弟啊.很遗憾的是老婆要做功课所以不能和Shawn恶心了,只能来blog放放屁.今天在路上碰到了N久没见的Mr.Yang.Yang是Shawn的程式设计启蒙老师,当时Yang在读硕士,教了Shawn很基础的C语言,感谢主把Yang放到Shawn身边.Yang现在正在读Phd,May God bless all of my friends!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"wo ai ni" and heartBeat++

"我愛你"Evin said to me.Great!I felt my heart beat violently.


Friday, October 05, 2007


7天的vacation本来安排做N多事情,学习bible,math,SICP和arm.结果每天和老婆恶心就占据大部分时间 发现Shawn越来越爱老婆了 老婆也越来越可爱了 赞美她的口水如滔滔江水XX不决XX不断 回来几天每天都是牛肉太爽了 看来Shawn一天N餐吃牛肉都没问题的~也见了一些朋友,大多朋友现在对金钱的追求就如圣经所说---失去了自由!

最近发现了个好东东:Pansystem.或许这东西结合derrida的destruction of creativity text真的可以帮助Shawn找到Bible的平衡点,求主赐予Shawn智慧.



PS:看了老妹的blog觉得这小东西长大了 呵呵 快成小艺术家了.......

Thursday, October 04, 2007

hacks the data structure of kernel

#define list_entry(ptr, type, member) \
((type *)((char *)(ptr)-(unsigned long)(&((type *)0)->member)))
I was wondering above when I found list.h with kernel 2.4.Thank JeFF's help that kick confusion shit of macro out of my brain.Probaly you can look at code shit that was below.

#include "stdio.h"
#include "stdlib.h"
#include "string.h"

struct list_head;
struct pci_bus;

#define list_entry(ptr, type, member) \
((type *)((char *)(ptr)-(unsigned long)(&((type *)0)->member)))
/* (struct pci_bus *)((char*)pb2-(unsigned long)(&((struct pci_bus*)0)->next-bus)) ) */
#define pci_bus_b(n) list_entry(n, struct pci_bus, next_bus)

struct list_head {
struct list_head *next, *prev;

struct pci_bus
int a;
int b;
int c;
int bus_num;
struct list_head next_bus;

void main()
struct pci_bus a;
struct pci_bus b;

memset(&a, 0, sizeof(a));
memset(&b, 0, sizeof(b));

b.bus_num = 13;

a.next_bus.next = &(b.next_bus);
b.next_bus.prev = &(a.next_bus);

struct list_head *pb = a.next_bus.next;
struct pci_bus *p_busb = pci_bus_b(pb);
printf("bus num = %d\n", p_busb->bus_num);
printf("addr = %s\n",pb);

struct list_head *pb2 = a.next_bus.next;
struct pci_bus *p_busb2 = (struct pci_bus *)((char*)pb2 );
printf(" -2- bus2 num = %d\n", p_busb2->bus_num);


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free software Song by Richard Stallman

Join us now and share the software;
You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free.

Hoarders may get piles of money,
That is true, hackers, that is true.
But they cannot help their neighbors;
That's not good, hackers, that's not good.

When we have enough free software
At our call, hackers, at our call,
We'll throw out those dirty licenses
Ever more, hackers, ever more.

Join us now and share the software;
You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free.

Shawn很佩服RMS,每次听这首歌时都会有些感触,昨晚一位朋友打电话来问Shawn对他们公司有没有兴趣,主要是做UNIX下的金融系统开发,虽然目前的工作不怎么爽,但Shawn只想下一份工作和embedded相关,他一直在说他们公司是世界TOP500如果去的话福利很不错,薪水也比现在高,不过大概他好像没有明白Shawn大脑的algorithm,如果他跟Shawn讲他们团队有一帮free software的狂热分子或许Shawn会考虑一下,对于Shawn而言这正是圣经所启示荣耀上帝和RMS的自由哲学的魅力.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Switchfoot is great

Switchfoot的歌鼓励了N多人包括Shawn,希望大家也喜欢.最近让Shawn感到最不可思议的事情是Evin居然也喜欢Switchfoot,由于Evin曾经告诉过Shawn不喜欢U2,但Shawn的确想推荐Christian band给Evin.感谢主,只有您可以办到.

Dare you to move,this song encouraged me and a lot of friends of mine for fight.

24,let you known who are you~Yes,Christian is the second man

This is your life,welcome to the planet...

On fire,catch on fire is not just happend game's bug

meant to live,great song


Shadow Proves The Sunshine

A Walk to remember - Only hope

PS:I love Evin with all my heart.But I love Lord Jesus more!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Linux world is a Universe.....

I tried to make a Gnu cross-compile platform in Linux that let me recognize what a powerful tools which created by OpenSource Community.I have to use some windows programming skill for job although,but Linux got more seductive than shit.I begin to learning C51 micro-controll system and related ARM embedded system by myself.LOrd always leading me to make a highlight choice.Im planning to buy a ARM dev-board when I make cash enough.Work with micro-controll system that you can get to know more funny things than PC.Imagine that you just using 4k build a application up that can deliver to customers.

In facto,Im a newbie now.Bullshit over,back to sleep!

My girl go back home today and we will hangout about 6 months later.The flowers that Evin like it below.Mo cuishle,my sweety...

Friday, August 17, 2007

How can I forget such a beautiful kiss?

It's a beautiful day!The 6 months in the past,I was alway complain too much to God which "Thank LOrd you given everything what I need except girlfriend".I got a girl now.

Thank,Lord.You knew me more than myself.

Shawn有gf了,真TMD不敢相信啊,已经无法用语言形容了,信主3年了都没找到过gf............When we are wins,praise the LOrd.When we are lose,praise the LoRd.

PS:Evin invited LORD Jesus in to her life.It's amazing that I cant believe that was really happend!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's able to do what you should to do

It's awesome about thatMexican billionaire to donate laptops, says title of 'world's richest' doesn't matter

Every Christian should stick to spending 10% percent income for charity at least.If you would really do it,the World will get more hope!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Shawn's Confessions

近2月没睡懒觉,周1-周5都是6:50起床读圣经和哲学然后上班,下班后不是处理没做完的工作就是学习Berkely计算机科学基础课程或者是去weight-room.周6和朋友技术兴趣小组或许哪一天可以真的为Open-Source Community做一点贡献.周日肯定是做礼拜!

最近读Augstine's Confession,觉得是Shawn在忏悔一样,Shawn在童年开始所产生的嫉妒和骄傲的方式和Augstine很相似,记得8年前一位来自Scotland的朋友给Shawn启了第1个E文名字:Augstine.每个人灵魂深入都在流血~灵魂在哭泣~在对上帝忏悔~但我们的身体领域和知识领域因为罪性的原因不断阻止我们达到3大领域的平衡,但只有耶稣基督可以医治人类的灵魂.



Shawn在大学里花了2年的时间尝试用数学,科学和哲学来证明<圣经>是迷信,之后尝试用这些学科来理解<圣经>,作为基督徒是一种耻辱,<圣经>需要证明吗?Lord Jesus就是真理的本体.Lord,forgive me what Ive done.下午看Augstine's Confession时Shawn crying......


Saturday, July 28, 2007

fcking busy,recently

Because of work's factor that I have to turn back to the Windows development.Thanks Mr.Hou's book which the Dissecting MFC written by him.I was alway dont like MFC framework before.But I begin to change my mind about MFC that is not really bad that I thought.Actually,Microsoft's developers were design a lot of strange macro of shit right there that just for skip the C++ nature flaw which all OOP langs waste many memory storage if the classes inheritance level more than 4 .

Damn fucking busy!I dont wanna talk about that shit.I will get start to read the Augstine's book that The City of God and Augstine's Confessions next week that means I have to spending more time than now.FATHER,please teaching me how do the Time-Management as well!Sometimes,I really think about that I was give up a job that can get 4K RMB salary per a month and chosen the 1.2k's salary,is it worthy it?The shit was shit.Im a fucking cheap labor.

Perhaps like as a frend said,"you need a lot of money to buy a house and to marry,dont just thinking about some useless things(he point out the philosophy)."He is right in his point of view at least.But I belevied everyone is unique when God created us.I will obey Lord and never been a look like a "average man" here.

FATHER,just for fun is too hard for OpenSource in China.I knew the ess stuff of just for fun that is Glory to you in my job and my life.I will stick to busting my ass to fight for ya.Because you die on cross for my sin about 2000 years ago.Shawn the R0ck will never ever obey the world.Shawn the R0ck doomed to a guy who is counterculture.And the name of Shawn the R0ck is a beautiful gift which You given to me.I appreciate for you alway given everything what I need.It's a beautiful letdown recently.More disappoint on earth,more hope on you that maybe out of and out of the Universe.

Actually,I need you pray honestly.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A morning talk

I was chat with Van in Google Talk this morning.Maybe you can see our topic that probaly you will get some "light burb went off" about truth.

和Van是去年认识的,Shawn和Van有很多共同点,我们都是基督徒,都是id玩家(Quake and Doom),都对哲学和系统神学有着浓厚的兴趣(Shawn:当然他比Shawn专业一些).毕竟是神学的PHd,或许唯一的不同就是Van比Shawn早诞生20多年.

开始工作不久,还没怎么进入状态,愿Lord Jesus能带领Shawn在未来的工作中Glory to God!
Praise the Lord!!!Glory to God!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A win32 funny stuff!

I got a job.Im work for IVISAKA now.I got some funny stuff from the win32 platform.One of things about function call in win32 that you can using cl compiler to view a structure of function call:
#define shawn _stdcall
#define cayla _cdecl
#define chris _fastcall

void test(int a,int b,int c,int d)
chris int main()
return 0;

#define shawn _stdcall
push 40 ; 00000028H
push 30 ; 0000001eH
push 20 ; 00000014H
push 10 ; 0000000aH
call ?test@@YGXHHHH@Z ; test

#define cayla _cdecl
push 40 ; 00000028H
push 30 ; 0000001eH
push 20 ; 00000014H
push 10 ; 0000000aH
call ?test@@YAXHHHH@Z ; test
add esp, 16 ; 00000010H

#define chris _fastcall
push 40 ; 00000028H
push 30 ; 0000001eH
mov edx, 20 ; 00000014H
mov ecx, 10 ; 0000000aH
call ?test@@YIXHHHH@Z ; test

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Birthday(Shawn is 3 years old in Lord Jesus)

July 5th,2004:Carl is a pastor.Carl shared Gospel to a guy who named of Snake and Snake accepted Lord Jesus into his life.Hey,dude!Snake was my name:-) Thanks FATHER pick me up before when the universe be created.Thanks Carl share that good news to me that is really change my life.

I received baptism at the Church.It's awesome!!!That means,"hey,Satan!listen,Im Rock!be careful!Shawn the R0ck watching you now.Shawn can feeling your fear.Shawn known you afaird to failed like long long years ago."


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Linkinpark being a Christian band

I was listening the new album of Linkinpark---Minutes to Midnight.The new album's lyric got a big difference with them song before.Linkinpark's tech is the best especail the album of Hybird Theory,but actually I never like these song's lyric.YOU known what,it's so post-modernism.

Minutes to Midnight's lyric are great.There are 2 more songs mentioned about "wash away" and 1 song mentioned "let mercy come".It's awesome!!!Thank God!!!

I have read some paper about
Augestine and Plato's stuff that drive me thinking about final-problem.In the end, philosophy and theology are inextricable.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The concept of Just for fun is serious

June 7th,2007
if you faint in the day of adversity,your strength being small. PROVERBS 24:10
Nowadays,God give me a lot of presure that can practice my AQ.We can see that only God which our creator can fully understand us through by above chapters.

June 9th,2007
Do not boast about tomorrow,for you do not know what a day may bring.Let another praise you,and not your own mouth---a stranger,and not your own lips.A stone is heavy,and sand is weighty,but a fool's provocation is heavier than both.Wrath is cruel,anger is overwhelming,but who is able to stand before jealousy? PROVERBS 27:1-4

The wicked flee when no one pursues,but the righteous are as bold as a lion.PROVERBS 28:1
Cool sentences written in BIBLE.Im went to looking for job today and I begin recognize that good job is not hard to get.A company named of Esmertec can offering a position which specify comustomer technical support.If I accept this job then I can go many place for work even other country in Asia.But what is my dream?The low-level tech.What should I choose?I just can remind a popular FAQ now,"What is freedom?It's able to do what you should to do."Lord,help me out this problem like before.

June 16th,2007
I was not accept that job which Esmertec offered.Because of that position of development of value added service I dont have any instresting.FATHER,please given a job which can comfortable for me.I wish to abey your words.

June 19th,2007
I went to a recuritment day for Nokia.I begin to recognized why many big company coming to China for business.Its for cheap labor,thats why?You must pay more than $40000 per a year to hire a guy help your product localization in europe.How much you should pay in China?Maybe $10000 per a year,maybe less.

I dont know why Chinese always like to learn English.I means,the language should be used communication or do some meaning stuff like as read philosophy or art.but many Chinese guys learning English just for English exam.shit!We should study old-school of Chinese culture.I really dont want to talk more about this.I just wanna programming for fun.What the hell in this world?The shit was shit.....

Every body speak rash words.People become to rush.fcking shit!!!

Valor,duty,sacrifice,Can one man ture make a difference?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Can we get start to thinking,rationally!(Pascal's Wager)

It's good stuff maybe that can drive you to thinking about what is truth which you should seeking.Please read the book of Pascal and the Meaning of Life

Pascal's wager is fun!

Pascal's Wager:http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pascal-wager/


Monday, May 28, 2007

Linux kernel is a inscrutable stuff

I have been learning linux kernel about 1 week ago.Jeff taught me that how to tapping the funny stuff of linux kernel.But you known,when you really getted start with it that you will recognize that shit work need a lot of basically knowledge like as computer architecture,data structure and OS machansism.For example,if you try to get to know what is ess of PCI-bus that you have to known some DS stuff like LIST and trees.PCI-bus initialization looks like a LIST,yes~it's ture,actually in microcosmic DS graph it's a LIST.But you can recognize that is a multi-tree when you dig into kernel deep enough.

I remember the book of The Art of Unix Programming mentioned about that Data Structure is more important in computer engineering even than algorithm.Thank God!I have retrived my creativity and passion.I will stick to learning about that shit of computer essential until...maybe 20 years~Jeff is right,PC is just one of thousands of machines,but robot era is coming and it's really happend in this world.Computer is stupid that it is just do 3 things when it started:1,get instruction 2,execute instruction 3,check the interruption

By the way,about commercialization of our club.We were discuss all the night,but the final answer : The concept of trader in human beings of IT.

PS:never stop learning,never stop thinking~Heave Metal drive me to thinking.It's awesome!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

from IQ to MQ ???

最近几年国内越来越提到EQ的重要性,在Shawn的眼里单单注重IQ和EQ都一种垃圾行为,就好像屁股没擦干净会影响头脑一样:-) 今天Shawn就漫谈一下有什么是我们更需要学习的....





SQ即灵商,主要指一个人挖掘生命意义和自身潜能的程度的能力,记得The Art of Start的作者Guy Kawasaki在演讲中的多次提到SQ的重要性,他的黄金创业法则的第1条就是"make meaning,not just make money".从圣经的角度出发,人类应该挖掘自身的SQ来思考怎么样可以来荣耀上帝,如前GE的CEO杰克 威尔其所认为他的glory to God的方式就是1,努力赚钱 2,努力存钱 3,努力的捐钱.


了解5商之后我们在谈谈关于一个人一身中需要处理的集中关系,按照优先级从高到底:1,你与上帝 2,你与自己 3,你与人 4,你与物质





或许以上的东西您会觉得很不可理解,但Shawn想告诉您寻求真理和本质本来就是一个非常痛苦的过程,如果您还承认自己是中国人的话去读圣经和尚书,了解自己民族的历史了解您应该有所了解的一切,dont forget that pain is weakness leaving your body!

PS:az0U invite Lord Jesus into his life yesterday!It's awesome!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jeff is back!

I was always pray that request to God let me know a programmer who master in low-level tech like as linux kernel recnently.And after the rush to waiting,that guy who name is Jeff come back to this town last week.We talk a lot of linux kernel this afternoon.Actually,Jeff taught me about low-level techs.It's great!Thank God give this surpise gift for me.


Computer,baconBurger,fj,Jeff and Shawn in Peter's.....It's a beautiful day!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

School life will be finished!!!It's exciting!

为了那个烂文凭这样做值得吗?Shawn the R0ck. I dont fcking know that it's so complicated!
或许Shawn有一大堆理由:1,班所有人都作弊为什么Shawn不? 2,Shawn不在乎烂文凭但如果不拿到文凭老爸老妈会伤心. ..etc~
但有更理性的回答上面2个理由:1,因为你是CHristian所以不行 2,你这样做上帝会伤心,不在乎文凭就dropout,这种借口只能说明是一种懦夫行为.

Shawn还是作弊了只能说明2点:1,这次Shawn采用了懦夫的方案 2,Shawn还不够理性.

上面屁话一大堆不说不爽的,一提到中国教育就没有让Shawn比较爽的地方.上帝创造教育的目的是让人们提高创造性和激情,这样可以在任何行业里来glory to God.但看看我们的教育都干了些什么? 精通扼杀孩子的创造性和激情是教育系统的强项,腐败只是冰山一角而已,教育系统的存在的目的就是一个赚钱的机器好像永不停止,除非来一场革命...........

The motherfucker of Chinese edcuation is a machine to make money that you cant stop it.We need a revolution.The game,thats only education we got.Thank God keep my creativity and passion through id software.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

awesome guy!Thats' why we play Quake(not UT)

Once a Quaker,always a Quaker.
what should we give a description for a Quaker?smarter,switfer,stronger......more than average guys~

Friday, April 27, 2007

mplayer's FAQ


I've just installed MPlayer. When I want to open a video file it causes a fatal error:

Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

How can I solve my problem?


Just change your video output device. Issue the following command to get a list of available video output drivers:

mplayer -vo help

After you've chosen the correct video output driver, add it to your configuration file. Add

vo = selected_vo 

to ~/.mplayer/config and/or

vo_driver = selected_vo 

to ~/.mplayer/gui.conf.


最近发生N多事情,有朋友刚回来又有朋友要离开,这2天心情还真TM的不太爽,明天和GP去weight room发泄一下.早上起来心态浮躁不想写程序,连quake也不想玩,这种状态TMM的还从来没在Shawn身上发生过,只好去看Holy Bible.

今天有看了一遍:A Gamer's Day.

今天和duoxing谈了一些开源方面的话题,也包括Linux Usergroup,我们需要继续努力.

LOrd Jesus,please give us strength and courage to busting our ass fight to the end till glory to you.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Chinese guy anti-Microsoft(OpenSource)

A Chinese guy show us a banner of opensource When Bill Gates give a speech for a University,It's cool!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The migration of dev-platform is succeed!!!

Because of Im tried to installing solaris10 which from harddisk boot that I got error,my Windows's data are crashed.I would not reinstall windows again---actually I choose the Linux.I wanted to going to Linux world a long time,but I scared about that cant not get used to new platform.Thank God destroyed my windows through solaris's event.My pc can run any software what I need to use in my Linux system now(like as gtalk,quake,gcc,netbeans,tomcat and mysql).This was my first time to follow my heart to
try new shit for Linux,in facto,I should called funny stuff.

I was playing Quake III:Areana in Linux today.q3 stay with me more than 7 years that's really cool shit.Nowadays,game is not like chasing essentail things like as gameplay before....you can get some id's stuff right here

Thank some authors that I never even get to known.They given me a big help to install tomcat and mysql.Here's chinese edtion:http://www.blogjava.net/esprit/archive/2006/01/18/28536.html

Now,I can tell my friends that I will not use privacy software anymore.Thank Linux and OpenSource Community!

I will going to concert tonight and hang out with some friends.Perhaps Chris will be there tomorrow.I've looking forward to hanging to him a long time.But I've a little scared that he will blame me about Im smoke a lot recently.shit~unexpectedly,Im scared a man.Whatever reason thank Chris taught me a lot.

all right,bullshit over,back to sleep.

PS:I tried to installing Debian before installed RedHat.I have to say that debian is not like Richard Stallman's prolcaimed.There is a bit of bugs like network installtion and old hardware's driver support.No one is perfect except Lord Jesus.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Windows out of my shit

Shawn最近用windows简直感觉审美疲劳,这是Shawn在Linux下的第1篇blog.windows虽然是很不错的操作系统但老是感觉不够简洁,加上最近很想试试solaris10所以就down下来开始硬盘安装,本来是想保留windows的,结果硬盘安装失败把windows的fat32分区的数据全部XX了.之后又try to installing debian,由于Shawn的烂本本是cd-rom所以跑去外面刻录了张debian-netinstall.iso,但安装到配置源时遇到了一个bug:netinstall必需扫描所由的网络源,这点把本来性格急躁的Shawn弄的只好放弃(Shawn:其实耐性很好啦,试debian的源花费了近10个小时),真的建议这个号称original GNU/LINUX的debian真的应该改进一下网络安装.之后Shawn只好用最简便的redhat 9 kernel 2.4~还算不错

在看了The Art of Unix Programming后就老有放弃用windows的冲动,这次装solaris之前还特地给4位Shawn心目中比较牛的人物发了邮件其中包括TAOUP的作者ESR,ESR的建议是自给选择,他只对比了debian社区和FreeBSD社区的文化方面的,或许牛人已经很少关注用什么发行版.结果由于solaris10的硬盘安装出错导致Shawn彻底的放弃windows平台应该是稣哥的旨意.

很长一段时间Shawn也想给自给更简洁(Shawn:不是简单)的开发平台,曾经在win下开发C程序为了让自给和ms脱离关系都在使用PSPAD+MINGW,之后也放弃了使用.NET开始搞JAVA.但在WINDOWS下始终无法给Shawn带来心中的just for fun,今天配置了Linux其实发现在windows下面的日常处理在Linux下面一样可以办到而且获得更高的效率.

使用google ig,msn,gtalk,Java开发,甚至包括电驴都完全没问题.真的很爽~~~

Shawn彪悍的Linux生涯正式开始,感谢上帝对我的带领,感谢ESR和RMS,感谢为开源所作出贡献的人们.The best way to predict the future is invent it!!!

开源软件的藏金阁GNU FTP:http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The theory of Computer Bible by Shawn the Rock

Im bought some books which are include many important computer field's description that I called "Computer Bible".Because of just want to listing some good stuff for computer engineering not just for computer science,so I will not add The Art of Computer programming.

The newbie of Computer Bible:Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Edition

The algorithm of Computer Bible:Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition

The philosophy of Computer Bible:The Art of UNIX Programming
by the way,I stiil dont understand why China's ISP always forbid us to visit Eric S.Raymond's blog?

The game culture of Computer Bible:Masters of Doom

The database of Computer Bible:An Introduction to Database Systems, Eighth Edition

Please give me some study suggestion if you wish.
have a good day,bro!God be with you!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

some popular mistakes in Java

Im a Java novice.Amostly I always made some stuipid mistakes when I getting start to write java code every time.Today I got a very interesting Java IAQ(infrequently answered questions) by Peter Norvig.Maybe you read a famous articl which Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by him.

By the way.Because of I getted start with Java to learn 4 months ago and Im study about Java web(servlet and Jsp) recently.Please give me some sugguestion about study roadmap of Java if you wish,thanks anyway.

God bless OpenSource Community.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What about dream?

最近看完了 UNIX的编程艺术,在最后一章的最后一段ESR所讲的内容可谓激动人心,可以看出ESR以及很多开源社区的兄弟们为了梦想不断的在创造哲学,文化与技术.愿上帝都祝福他们,能让更多的为着开源社区做出激情贡献的人们能够认识到耶稣基督,找到人类最本质的来源---God

Shawn感谢上帝带领人类开创了自由软件,感谢Eric S.Raymond写了这本可以被称为计算机文化圣经的作品---The Art of Unix Programming,也感谢John Romero,John Carmack创造了id神话,让更多的像Shawn这样的笨蛋也能理解的开源文化.

感谢Eric S.Raymond为所有为开源所奋斗的人们的鼓舞:
Reasons to Believe
The future of Unix is full of difficult problems. Would we truly want it any other way?
For more than thirty years we have thrived on challenges. We pioneered the best practices of software engineering. We created today's Internet and Web. We have built the largest, most complex, and most reliable software systems ever to exist. We outlasted the IBM monopoly and we're making a run against the Microsoft monopoly that is good enough to deeply frighten it.
Not that everything has been triumph by any means. In the 1980s we nearly destroyed ourselves by acceding to the proprietary capture of Unix. We neglected the low end, the nontechnical end users,for far too long and thereby left Microsoft an opening to grossly lower the quality standards of software. Intelligent observers have pronounced our technology, our community, and our values to be dead any number of times.

But always we have come storming back. We make mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes. We have transmitted our culture across generations; we have absorbed much of what was best from the early academic hackers and the ARPANET experimenters and the microcomputer enthusiasts and a number of other cultures. The open-source movement has resurrected the vigor and idealism of our early years, and today we are stronger and more numerous than we have ever been.

So far, betting against the Unix hackers has always been short-term smart but long-term stupid. We can prevail — if we choose to.

同时感谢John Romero发布了1990年在Sheveport小木屋的照片,希望这能鼓舞更多的人追求梦想:

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.May God bless OpenSource community!!!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Shawn与Larry Donnithorne的对话

记得在Shawn中学时代有个梦想就是能见到2种人:1,西点军校毕业的军人 2,海豹突击队的现役或者退役军人.感谢上帝在上周帮助Shawn实现了其中之一.Larry Donnithorne是 West Point Way of Leadership一书的作者,Larry在17岁进入西点学习,之后参加了越战和被派遣驻守韩国美军基地,后来回到西点进行教学,主要教育学生领导艺术与伦理道德准则,Larry这次中国之行主要是到各地讲课.以下是Shawn与Larry面对面的对话片段,供大家更加的了解他与西点传统.


Larry:首先,中国已经变成了一个很经济繁荣的国家,与20年前相比简直是大不一样,但生活在这样的高速发展的国家的人民需要更多的道德约束甚至是道德体系重建,我被邀请去很多地方也包括XX公司授课,当时我不知道XX公司在中国有这么大的影响力,我在每次上课都不断提到,一个公司是否发展的长时间健壮是因为需要优秀的领导,由于我主要讲授的是关于领导艺术与伦理道德,所以我必须强调西点的传统:所有的领导艺术都是建立在道德准则之上的,也就是说我们首先必须做好伦理道德,这样我们又面临一个问题:什么才是伦理道德的标准?西点的答案很简单:圣经. 我很高兴的是中国各行业的领导者都愿意学习领导艺术和接受这一西点的传统.

Shawn:我知道在西点有一个硬性规定,所有的休闲俱乐部分为3种:Officer Club,Sergeant Club和Soldier Club.它们为不同职位的人提供,比如如果我是一位上校(注:主要军衔里上校最好读^_^),我就不能去Soldier Club.您是怎么认为的?




Shawn:我会告诉所有人包括员工我们的根本信念:make meaning,not just make money.


Shawn:当你年轻时刚进入西点时肯定经历过野兽训练(Beast Barracks),你是什么感受?







PS:最近了解到了一种理论,一个人一生当中要面对4种不同关系的处理,按照优先级应该是:1,人与上帝 2,人与自己 3,人与人 4,人与物质 但现在很多人的确有点搞反了,这就好比如果把MQ,SQ,AQ,EQ,IQ倒过来的话世界就会变的更糟糕一样.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sun Developer Days成都站

昨天去了,Sun Developer Days成都站,居然遇到了一个sister,她好像是她导师让她去的,总共包括8个讲座,从硬件到软件,从SPARC到JAVA再到SOLARIS10,现在Shawn对SUN的越来越多的不是"官僚主义"ETC 而更多的是好感,这一切应该归于SUN把整个产品线都开源的原因,从硬件到操作系统再到JAVA语言和平台都开源了,只是这些开源的代码以不同的License而已,当然Shawn最喜欢的还是GPLv2.最近看了James Gosling的一篇关于很多开发人员从其他开发工具转向Netbeans的blog,也看到国外N多开源社区都开始使用Netbeans,昨天的研讨会的Demo都是使用的Netbeans5.5进行的,看了后的确很爽,回来后就试了试,一个字---Great!启动比Eclipse快,配置比Eclipse方便,性能优化比Eclipse容易,我们还有什么理由拒绝Netbeans?


居然有朋友说Shawn越来越像Romero了,Shawn不知道他是误解了Romero在里所表现的性格还是在委婉的提醒Shawn的头发该剪掉,of course~他肯定不是说Shawn像Romero的创造力和技术


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Motherfuck of China education and ISP(Internet Service Provider)

Im in China.But I cant visit my blog recently.Why?The China ISP(China Telecom) deny all of Internet user to visit the xxx.blogspot.com.Why?I dont known and I dont care about it.I just wanna write my blog.I just wanna say to China Telecom:"fuck it all..."

Because Chinese education ruined so many people's life every year.I have to say something here about Chinese education.Chinese education rob our kids of ours creativity and passion.That's the fucking real crime.It destroy our kids's dream.When you're a child,your parents will destroy your dream when you began talk about real dream except making cash.But some guys out of that desperation something happened that was so amazing(dropout,etc).Lif was full of possibilities and never will be that what Chinese education ultimately want for us.CE is just a make-money's machines.Of course,Im a programmer that I can see how this "machine" to work.I dont wanna mention about that fucking corruption here.We dont need CE's approval to tell us that what we did was real.Cause there are so few truths in this world like as Bible written.

I just want to tell this world:please reject us and shoot us down,and do whatever you gotta do.It doesnt really matter at this point.Because we'll never stop learning and we'll never stop growing,and we'll never forget the ideals that were instilled in us at our hood.

Lewis is right,like he said,"What is learning?It's paying attention!It's opening yourself up to this great big ball of shit that we call life!And whats the wrost thing that can happen?You get bit in the ass!Well,let me tell you,my ass looks like hamburger meat.But I can still sit down!"

Bullshit over.Back to work.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Unix的编程艺术的确是本很不错的书,看了近一半有很多东西因为Shawn实际项目经验的欠缺很难懂,但文化方面的养分吸收的倒比较快,ESR居然也在介绍freeciv这款开源游戏,的确是部好游戏,如果对AI感兴趣的朋友可以去研究研究,ESR在书中讲的很多都是基于KISS原则,早期的黑客文化居然对现在的开源软件甚至整个软件开发方式影响如此之大以前Shawn还真的没思考过.今天突然看到The C Programming Language上一段代码想试试看,结果发现机器上居然还没安compiler,以前Shawn的反应肯定是对着胖子说:"给我VC的安装盘" 但今天的第一想法确是:"干脆在WINDOWS上试试Gcc,能不用盗版就尽量不用吧." 之后发现Mingw用起来也是如此的方便.或许这是Shawn对于完全开源文化接受的开始,路还很长,毕竟光安装配置这可不算什么big deal.Unix风格的开源软件的确让Shawn这个Newbie耳目一新,开始思考以前没有想过的一些问题,而且Quick-Start精神也越来越强了~

照这样下去或许我真的需要看看The New Hacker Dictionary



Sunday, March 11, 2007


昨天本想早点睡觉今天去培训还要去做礼拜所以11:00PM就把手机关掉了,开始看计算机界的圣经---The Art of Unix Programming,但一看就不知道时间的概念了,越看越兴奋,ESR几乎没一句话都在刺激着Shawn这个怀有人文主义极端情怀的神经,简直太爽的一本书了今天不放点屁出来简直不爽~ESR在谈到UNIX历史时把前2个阶段称为:Gensis(创世记)和Exdous(出埃及记) 很有趣的是这正是Holy Bible(圣经)的前2书,当然Shawn不知道ESR是否是brother,但至少在自由文化运动里的Guru programmer很多是Christian...

还有一个有趣的是ESR在谈到当时很多人都不屑一顾的对GNU的态度和Richard Stallman是因为很多早期的Hacker忘记了黑客精神才创建的GNU,当然很多个巧合后GNU和开源成长起来了,像世纪经典之作EMACS和VI终于有了宿主机Linux.越看越想回到那个时代体验一下当时的文化环境,看到今天JAVA语言和JVM开源已经在一步一步的进行,作为现在的年轻一带的Novice Programmer真的应该多多融入culture才能制作出更具创造性的产品,毕竟整个自由文化运动的核心都来自圣经.

上周Shawn决定在学习JAVA的BS开发中放弃MS SQL作为DB平台而选用MYSQL,这2天测试了一下MySQL community version非常爽,很稳定的开源DB.虽然今年快要毕业了,但丝毫不能阻止Shawn开始对开源的探索---技术和文化.至于找工作的事情就让稣哥来安排吧^_^




Thursday, March 08, 2007


已经2年多没重装系统了,结果今天一开机win2003的drivers下的*.sys文件被损害~妈的 可能是最近没有把anti-vir的avguard打开因为这东西比AVG占内存的多,因为AVG不提供SERVER版本的免费版,不知道是哪个家伙用IE访问了烂网站所导致~shit~今天就装成了Windows XP pro,也把心爱的AVG搞上去了.

最近一段时间看了一些非技术类的书包括开复老师的<做最好的自己>,Kevin的the art of intrusion当然还有ESR的unix的编程艺术还没看完.能给自己的就只有思想上的震撼,越来越兴奋了.

今天是国际妇女节也祝每一位MM在2007年里可以追求和实践自己的梦想^_^注:Shawn所定义的MM年龄是8--80岁 HOHO

Monday, March 05, 2007



















§ 发生

1. 空肚吃较多出现

2. 吃了2 克以上才出现

3. 女人出现较多

4. 吃了味精后约15分钟开始,一两小时后消失

§ 征状

1. 面部充血:热辣辣或烧灼的感觉、舌根肿胀

2. 紧张:心跳反常或加速、晕眩、头痛、偏头痛、颈部僵硬,肌肉收缩、作呕、失眠、肠胃不适

3. 刺痛:颈痛、臂痛、胸痛

4. 麻木:上肢酸软、情绪低落

5. 敏感症:哮喘恶化、咳嗽



■ 味精与发育


§ 1970年的一次实验中,一群老鼠在出世后开头十天用皮下注射方式把味精打进体内,结果长大后纷纷痴肥 ——附睪脂肪垫重量增加,细胞体积增大,脂肪质细胞数目下降。此外,这群老鼠长大后与对照的另一群比较,体内较大型的细胞对于肾上腺素的脂解作用反应特别差,但是对胰岛素的抗脂解作用反应却特别厉害。负责研究的专家认为味精造成肥胖症,原因是味精改变了细胞对肾上腺素及胰岛素的反应,令在脂肪质里的脂类成份增加。

§ 1974年的一次实验中,科学家发现幼年老鼠长期吃了含1-2%味精的食物之后,断奶时体重比对照那一群较高。

§ 1997年的一次实验中,一组老鼠在出世后开头十天用腹膜注射法打进相当于每公斤体重4克的味精,结果发现长大后生长畸型、内分泌反常、行为反常,其中大部分尾部自动裂开,全部明显又矮又痴肥,雌鼠比对照的另一群卵巢小、子宫小、脑下垂体小。另一组老鼠同样在出世后开头十天打进了同样分量的味精,但分五次注射,结果上述典型的味精遗害轻微很多。

■ 味精与视力


§ 1960年的一次实验里,科学家用腹膜注射的方法,把味精打进幼年老鼠体内,份量为每公斤体重3.2克,结果发现那些老鼠视网膜中毒受损。

§ 1967年的一次实验里,科学家在一群老鼠出生后一至十日,用肠道外注射法把相当于每公斤体重2.2-4.2克的味精十次打进体内,结果视网膜全部毁坏。

§ 1969年一次实验里,一些九至十日大的老鼠被一次皮下注射每公斤体重4克的味精,然后分别在30分钟到48小时之后被杀,结果发现视网膜严重损毁——处处有神经枝状突起,还有神经细胞逐渐改变,——坏死,终于细胞纷纷吞噬。

■ 味精与呕吐


§ 1944年的一次实验里,科学家用静脉注射方法把酪朊水解产物或人造氨基酸混合液打进狗只体内,结果狗只纷纷恶心及呕吐。

§ 1947年,医生用谷氨酸钠盐(Sodium glutamate,成份与味精几乎相同的化学物质)来医治尿毒症,把血液里的氨含量水平降低,结果发现受治疗的人用静脉注射方法打进了38克之后,17人中有11人呕吐。

■ 味精与高血压


■ 味精与生殖力及遗传


§ 1965年一次实验里,有第一群十四只兔子被一起拿来研究,十雌四雄,所有雌兔一连27天吃了每公斤体重25毫克的谷氨酸(雄兔没有吃)。后来其中两只雌兔已怀孕。第二群兔子四雌二雄,全部吃了每公斤体重 25毫克的谷氨酸,又吃了同样重量的维他命B6。第三群兔子六雌一雄,全部吃了每公斤体重25毫克的谷氨酸。第四群兔子廿雌八雄,作为对照。所有谷氨酸和维他命都是用管饲法喂食。第一群里两只雌兔怀孕延迟,子宫里有变质胎儿,另两只后来小产,产下畸形死胎,有两只后来怀孕,正常时期生产,但小兔四肢有多种畸形残缺、生长迟缓,而对照那一群没有以上情形。第二群兔子有两只怀孕,产生畸型小兔,出生后不久都死掉,骨骼变形,多个器官萎缩。第三群兔子有三只怀孕,产下的小兔全部四肢畸形。吃过谷氨酸的三群兔子全部雄兔睪丸萎缩,产下的小兔身体全部多重残缺。

§ 可是在19701971的两次实验中,发现母鼠体内有味精,产下的小鼠长大后纷纷内分泌失调。


§ 1975年的一次实验中,两组老鼠在出世后开头十天分别用皮下注射的方法打进相当于每公斤体重4克的味精,其中一组是一次过注射,另一组分五次注射,结果牠们长大后,大脑垂体、肾上腺、卵巢、睪丸都比对照的另一群老鼠小。

§ 1977年另一次实验里,一群老鼠在出生后第二到十一日内每天用皮下注射方法打进味精,份量由开头每公斤体重2.2克,结果两性的老鼠长大后生殖都有问题;雌鼠怀孕较少,产生的小老鼠体积特别小;雄鼠能育性亦大减。

§ 1977年另一次实验里,一群初生的老鼠用皮下注射法打进相当于每公斤体重2.5-4.2毫克的味精,结果发现活动能力未受影响,但长大后矮小痴肥,雌鼠生育能力受干扰。

■ 味精与智力


§ 1970年的一次实验里,65只十至十二日大的老鼠一次过用管饲法被喂食不同份量的味精,包括每公斤体重0.5克、0.75克、1.0克、2.0克,其中有十只没有吃味精,作为对照。喂食后三至六小时,所有老鼠用灌注法杀死,结果发现吃过味精的54只老鼠之中,有51只明显脑部受创伤——神经细胞纷纷坏死,而坏死的比率正好跟味精服量成正比,吃每公斤体重0.5克的老鼠是52%,吃0.75克的是81%,吃1.0克的是100%,吃2.0克的是100%。若用皮下注射方法把同量味精打进老鼠体内,结果完全一样。该次实验更发现,若味精与糖精(阿斯巴特)同吃,脑部受损加倍严重。

§ 1970年另一队科学家做过另一次实验,六只九至十日大的老鼠口服相当于每公斤体重2克的10%味精溶液,结果出现了典型的那种味精造成的脑部创伤。

§ 1971年的一次实验里,科学家在一群老鼠出生后三至十日,用皮下注射法一次过把相当于每公斤体重 2-4克的味精(在蒸溜水里含0.1毫升)。另一群成年老鼠则分别用皮下注射腹膜注射方法把相当于每公斤体重6-10克(体积1毫升)打进体内。另有一群老鼠则注射氯化钠(食盐)。注射后七十二小时,把全部老鼠杀死,用显微镜观察脑组织;结果发现注射过味精的老鼠,有95%下丘脑弓形细胞核受到损毁。

§ 1971年另一次实验里,科学家在一群老鼠出生后二至四日用皮下注射方法一次过把相当于每公斤体重 1克的味精,注射后分批在一小时、三小时、六小时、廿四小时杀死老鼠,用显微镜观察脑部组织,结果发现全部老鼠脑内海马状突起部分与下丘脑的组织坏死。

§ 另一群同类的老鼠在怀孕后第1718日用皮下注射方法打进相当于每公斤体重5毫克﹝按这是报告上的数字,似不确,恐有手民之误﹞的味精,注射后分批在三小时、六小时、廿四小时取出胎儿检查脑部组织,发现中部及弓形细胞核都有损毁。

§ 1972年的一次实验里,科学家从十只怀孕母鼠产下的小鼠之中,各选八只分成四组,即每组有两只由各母鼠产下的小鼠,然后在第五至十天用腹管方法注进每天相当于每公斤体重1.25克、2.5克、5克的味精,对照那一组则注进清水。到了出生后第廿一天,各小鼠被放进不同的笼里独住;出生后三个月,用三种方法测试行为——自然运动神经活动、T形迷宫、定比例食物强化测验。结果发现注进了大量味精的老鼠自然运动神经活动较少,学习< face="Times New Roman">T形迷宫较慢,但学习定比例食物强化行为则未受影响。

§ 1974年的一次实验里,科学家分别用夹紧胸部主动脉及注射药物的方法,令狗只体内血压大大提高,结果造成脑内埃文斯蓝蛋白素外渗,损害大脑及小脑的组织。通常单是脑部缺氧,脑部组织已经受到损害,但若组织内有谷氨酸盐,损害会严重得多。医学界人士根据该次及其它实验的结果判断,认为患了多种病(例如眼部发炎、维他命B6缺乏的病人、做过有些手术的病人、服食避孕丸的妇女),都可能因脑部抗拒其它物质外渗的能力受削弱,容易让味精损害脑部的组织。

§ 科学家用动物做了各种试验,结果发现许多不同种类的动物(包括老鼠、大型老鼠,兔、猴)在幼年时接触到味精,都会脑部受创伤。美国有两位科学家奥耳尼及萨普在一次拿恒河猴做的实验之后评论说:「这些猴幼时脑细胞有小部分受损,完全没有征象显示出来,证明脑部受创伤是一个微妙的过程,人类婴儿在平日的环境里若受同样伤害,很可能没有人看得出来。」换句话说,儿童被喂以含味精的食物,脑部可能正在不断受创伤,父母一直不会察觉。< face="Times New Roman">



§ 在1962年一次实验里,科学家用静脉注射方法把大量谷氨酸打进兔子体内,结果兔子纷纷产生心肌损害,并证明这是由于谷氨酸促使动脉紧张所造成的结果。科学家把割出的心脏单独研究,发现大量谷氨酸令心脏操作减缓,令心脏收缩幅度增加,令冠状脉管受压缩。很大量的谷氨酸会令心脏停止活动。







* 限于篇幅,本章引用的资料来源未能在此收录,可参阅《信报》「野鸽居6号」专栏1987年2月份各篇文章附注。

Friday, March 02, 2007

Shawn's new hood

堕落的过完了在家的后半个月今天终于回到了成都,现在和成黑的兄弟伙一起住感觉不错,今天和小胖去跑了4KM,这是自从2个gym partner离开中国后6个月以来第1次distance run,最近半年抽烟太多感觉自己真的很颓废,有时候真的让Shawn感受到少有的迷茫,还有4个月终于要离开恶心的学校,如果年前的那个小project能搞定就边做边学,拿不下来就等2个月找工作去了,要面对real world的确是很让Shawn兴奋的事情.

昨天在家翻看以前朋友寄来的贺卡时看到了5年前JZY寄来的一封圣诞贺卡,这次给Shawn印象最深的是最后的那句"Im sure of your success!"不过照现在来看我只能说I was alway let you down.Sorry...


Monday, February 26, 2007

FarCry,the daydream will be come true


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Im proud of Im a Chinese.Im proud of I was born in China.Not cause of Genghis khan's army beat European and Moslemism about 1000 years ago.Cause of our fathers keep a good relationship with God about 2600 years ago.Nowadays,Chinese dont give a shit about what is truth or where is essence.Thank God gave this opportunity that designed which put me to here born 20 years ago.Dont forget the gift which God given to you.


God be with you!!!God bless China!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!




2,昨天早上起床后得到了一条可以把developers激动来睡不着觉的新闻: Teraflops Research Chip不敢想象80核62W的功耗,这样的芯片应用于商业的话会推动无数的行业(当然包括非IT),游戏的AI问题可以很大程度上得到解决,Wireless Trans-Machine以及很多需要海量数据处理的分布式计算可以得到有效的方案,这简直是不敢想象的一场变革.

PS:最近天天在PS2上玩<实况足球10>,如果有朋友选瑞典队打的特别好的请指教一下,今天和朋友瑞典VS阿根廷 4:3赢了,但感觉不爽.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why dont you forget your first-love(girl)?

I saw my FL at afternoon.I really wanna say "hello" when saw her but I did not. Why?This is a frenk'in pretty question.

If JZY's boy friend has to step down from her for whatever reason, I am ready to take on the position. Why am I the perfect candidate (in my own mind)?

When I was a mid-school fresh I told my self that I wanted to make a pickupline to Jzy(My first-L).Advisedly,I made a decision that cause of she given 3 rejection to my honest heart of invite which to be my girl firend,I thought becase my fail to plan and my plan to fail.All of my problem was EQ it's not good enough at that time.My soul told myself,"There are 6 billion people in this world,if one-tenth of 1% of them wanted to get beauties like JZY,that would still be 6 million people.Do you really think you're pretter than 6 million people?"

Why dont you forget your fist-love?
Shawn:Because I missing the feeling when I though this is my first love.

OK, dream over. Back to work.

Saturday, February 10, 2007



Eclipse是open source的集成开发环境,它得到了IBM的大力支持,而Tomcat我们就更熟悉了,它是apache组织的JSP/


1. Tomcat5.5

2. Jdk1.6

3. Eclipse3.2

4. Eclipse的Tomcat插件在http://www.sysdeo.com/eclipse/tomcatPluginV2.zip下


1. 安装jdk1.6

2. 安装Tomcat5.5

3. 安装Eclipse3.2,解压缩就可以了

4. 将tomcatPluginV2.zip解压缩,把其中的com.sysdeo.eclipse.tomcat文件夹拷贝到,Eclipse安装


1. 启动Eclipse

2. 打开菜单Windows->Preferences

3. 在左侧选择Tomcat,可以看到右侧出现一些表单

4. Tomcat Version选择Version 5.x,Tomcat Home选择Tomcat的安装路径,Configuration

5. 展开左侧的Tomcat菜单,选择JVM Settings,JRE选择JDK1.6,

6. 按下Apply

7. 按下OK

8. 看你的工具栏中是不是多了几个小猫的图标,如果没有的话,选择菜单Windows ->Custmize Perspective,展开

9. 试下Start Tomcat按钮,好了,Tomcat在console中启动了。


下面做个Hello World的例子

1. 选择File->New->Project

2. 在对话框中选择Tomcat Project,然后next

3. 输入Project Name,这里可以写HelloWorld,继续next

4. 勾上can update server.xml file选项,finish,好了,一个Poject已经创建好了。

5. 打开new class 向导,在Name中填入HelloWorld,在Superclass中填入

6. 在HelloWorld.java中重载doGet方法,代码如下:

import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;

import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;

import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;

import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;

import java.io.IOException;

import java.io.PrintWriter;

import javax.servlet.ServletException;

public class HelloWorld extends HttpServlet {

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse

throws IOException, ServletException {


PrintWriter writer = response.getWriter();

writer.println("Hello World!");



xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee http://







10.Ctrl+S保存,右键HelloWorld project,选择Tomcat Project->update context to




Friday, February 09, 2007

Shawn's recent situation

回家也快一个星期了,感觉还不错,只是一个人座在黑暗下看着电脑没有在成黑爽,成黑的兄弟们还有几个没回家~最近搞JAVA也是比较郁闷,学习Servlet也比较苦闷,tomcat的配置很烦心毕竟对于像Shawn这样的newbie以前没有接触的东东.前2天和朋友们在河边喝茶聊天真的比较爽,希望稣哥再安排一次这样的机会放松放松~老弟最近买了台新PC是GF7600的显卡,听到这个消息后Shawn马上把上Far Cry的顶级渲染在他机器上跑了一下简直爽到极点,终于有点明白什么才叫Next-Gen的画质,或许国内的游戏开发真的只能在AI方面赶超老美了.

最近每天都自己打AJ和OJ比较爽,Shawn的桌子摆满了coke,JAVA的书,Marlboro,Ark Royal和ligter,etc....享受黑暗是一件不错的事情~今天放屁到此睡觉去了....

PS:今天搞了半天的Tomcat配置还是没有达到想要的效果,Shawn想把Tomcat的主机名从localhost改成tomcat55,虽然加入了新的host之后是可以解析,但如果用tomcat55来运行JSP和Servlet却不能成功,不知道哪位朋友可以帮Shawn解决一下,thx anyway~

Monday, February 05, 2007

BEA Chengdu UserGroup(The 3rd party)

I've been to the BEA UG party last weekend.BEAThank BEA provided so many food for us.

Between these two streams(In Java's stuff) -- the JCP and open source .BEA straddle the line between open source and closed tools. Although many IBM tools are proprietary, it has been a major contributor to Java itself and to the open source community. BEA has become very active of late with its “blended” strategy, in which its proprietary tools actively support open source products. In addition, BEA also has donated code and bodies to several open source projects.I like the style of BEA which stick to donate src to OpenSource community.

PS:Ned was come to my hood and we are talk about that TRANS-MACHINE will be replaced the stutters in the future.It's really a great news and Im looking forward to see how capersome's happend throughout the world.God be with stutters.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


1,由于TOMCAT5.X以后没有提供admin package,所以安装admin package除了把文件复制到相应的目录还要注意确保设置了CATALINA_HOME这个系统环境变量,变量的值为你的tomcat的安装目录.不然就把admin.xml文件相应的部分改成自己的TOMCAT安装目录.



PS:回家2天感觉还不错,上午睡觉白天搞搞JAVA晚上和妹妹吃点snacks.昨天晚上妹妹吃东西完后居然把lighter忘换我了回家到处找,结果家里又每人抽烟的,幸好还有个好朋友送的Bruce Lee的30周年记念ligher,平时都舍不得用现在排上用场了.