Friday, April 27, 2007

mplayer's FAQ


I've just installed MPlayer. When I want to open a video file it causes a fatal error:

Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

How can I solve my problem?


Just change your video output device. Issue the following command to get a list of available video output drivers:

mplayer -vo help

After you've chosen the correct video output driver, add it to your configuration file. Add

vo = selected_vo 

to ~/.mplayer/config and/or

vo_driver = selected_vo 

to ~/.mplayer/gui.conf.


最近发生N多事情,有朋友刚回来又有朋友要离开,这2天心情还真TM的不太爽,明天和GP去weight room发泄一下.早上起来心态浮躁不想写程序,连quake也不想玩,这种状态TMM的还从来没在Shawn身上发生过,只好去看Holy Bible.

今天有看了一遍:A Gamer's Day.

今天和duoxing谈了一些开源方面的话题,也包括Linux Usergroup,我们需要继续努力.

LOrd Jesus,please give us strength and courage to busting our ass fight to the end till glory to you.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Chinese guy anti-Microsoft(OpenSource)

A Chinese guy show us a banner of opensource When Bill Gates give a speech for a University,It's cool!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The migration of dev-platform is succeed!!!

Because of Im tried to installing solaris10 which from harddisk boot that I got error,my Windows's data are crashed.I would not reinstall windows again---actually I choose the Linux.I wanted to going to Linux world a long time,but I scared about that cant not get used to new platform.Thank God destroyed my windows through solaris's event.My pc can run any software what I need to use in my Linux system now(like as gtalk,quake,gcc,netbeans,tomcat and mysql).This was my first time to follow my heart to
try new shit for Linux,in facto,I should called funny stuff.

I was playing Quake III:Areana in Linux today.q3 stay with me more than 7 years that's really cool shit.Nowadays,game is not like chasing essentail things like as gameplay can get some id's stuff right here

Thank some authors that I never even get to known.They given me a big help to install tomcat and mysql.Here's chinese edtion:

Now,I can tell my friends that I will not use privacy software anymore.Thank Linux and OpenSource Community!

I will going to concert tonight and hang out with some friends.Perhaps Chris will be there tomorrow.I've looking forward to hanging to him a long time.But I've a little scared that he will blame me about Im smoke a lot recently.shit~unexpectedly,Im scared a man.Whatever reason thank Chris taught me a lot.

all right,bullshit over,back to sleep.

PS:I tried to installing Debian before installed RedHat.I have to say that debian is not like Richard Stallman's prolcaimed.There is a bit of bugs like network installtion and old hardware's driver support.No one is perfect except Lord Jesus.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Windows out of my shit

Shawn最近用windows简直感觉审美疲劳,这是Shawn在Linux下的第1篇blog.windows虽然是很不错的操作系统但老是感觉不够简洁,加上最近很想试试solaris10所以就down下来开始硬盘安装,本来是想保留windows的,结果硬盘安装失败把windows的fat32分区的数据全部XX了.之后又try to installing debian,由于Shawn的烂本本是cd-rom所以跑去外面刻录了张debian-netinstall.iso,但安装到配置源时遇到了一个bug:netinstall必需扫描所由的网络源,这点把本来性格急躁的Shawn弄的只好放弃(Shawn:其实耐性很好啦,试debian的源花费了近10个小时),真的建议这个号称original GNU/LINUX的debian真的应该改进一下网络安装.之后Shawn只好用最简便的redhat 9 kernel 2.4~还算不错

在看了The Art of Unix Programming后就老有放弃用windows的冲动,这次装solaris之前还特地给4位Shawn心目中比较牛的人物发了邮件其中包括TAOUP的作者ESR,ESR的建议是自给选择,他只对比了debian社区和FreeBSD社区的文化方面的,或许牛人已经很少关注用什么发行版.结果由于solaris10的硬盘安装出错导致Shawn彻底的放弃windows平台应该是稣哥的旨意.

很长一段时间Shawn也想给自给更简洁(Shawn:不是简单)的开发平台,曾经在win下开发C程序为了让自给和ms脱离关系都在使用PSPAD+MINGW,之后也放弃了使用.NET开始搞JAVA.但在WINDOWS下始终无法给Shawn带来心中的just for fun,今天配置了Linux其实发现在windows下面的日常处理在Linux下面一样可以办到而且获得更高的效率.

使用google ig,msn,gtalk,Java开发,甚至包括电驴都完全没问题.真的很爽~~~

Shawn彪悍的Linux生涯正式开始,感谢上帝对我的带领,感谢ESR和RMS,感谢为开源所作出贡献的人们.The best way to predict the future is invent it!!!

开源软件的藏金阁GNU FTP:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The theory of Computer Bible by Shawn the Rock

Im bought some books which are include many important computer field's description that I called "Computer Bible".Because of just want to listing some good stuff for computer engineering not just for computer science,so I will not add The Art of Computer programming.

The newbie of Computer Bible:Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Edition

The algorithm of Computer Bible:Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition

The philosophy of Computer Bible:The Art of UNIX Programming
by the way,I stiil dont understand why China's ISP always forbid us to visit Eric S.Raymond's blog?

The game culture of Computer Bible:Masters of Doom

The database of Computer Bible:An Introduction to Database Systems, Eighth Edition

Please give me some study suggestion if you wish.
have a good day,bro!God be with you!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

some popular mistakes in Java

Im a Java novice.Amostly I always made some stuipid mistakes when I getting start to write java code every time.Today I got a very interesting Java IAQ(infrequently answered questions) by Peter Norvig.Maybe you read a famous articl which Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by him.

By the way.Because of I getted start with Java to learn 4 months ago and Im study about Java web(servlet and Jsp) recently.Please give me some sugguestion about study roadmap of Java if you wish,thanks anyway.

God bless OpenSource Community.