Saturday, August 16, 2008

impressive stuff

is vim that it is an operating system with a text editor attached?u must be wondering why would say that?I have play vim in the week,And it has a lot of powerful plugin like this:

highlight the syntax,buffer,files list,functions list,varibles list,code completing, what you want to got~

one of another good tool is git which just needed type some simple command like git-clone,git-add,git-commit,etc..that you can managing your code version.
I have download the kernel code now....
#git-clone git:// kernel-2.6
Initialized empty Git repository in /citypw/git/kernel-2.6/.git/
remote: Counting objects: 892386, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (148760/148760), done.
remote: Total 892386 (delta 744367), reused 890216 (delta 742255)
Receiving objects: 100% (892386/892386), 212.83 MiB | 114 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (744367/744367), done.
Checking out files: 100% (24326/24326), done.


btw:关于4层模型简要的介绍一下,依次顺序是(物理<=>数学<=>哲学)<-归正神学(Reform Theology),下3层(物理,数学,哲学)锻造了人们的综合方法论(personnel methodology),但这个综合方法论是否正确需要用归正神学来进行验证.这里Shawn举一个例子,在John Calvin在16世纪创立了归正神学的第一个版本后,无数的科学家和哲学家受到了不同程度的影响,当然方法论的本身也受到了很多影响..........到了20世纪初物理学的研究开始从宏观的牛顿经典理学体系向研究微观世界的变化的量子世界转移,但是物理的模型建立了很多年仍然没有人去建立相应的数学模型,这时计算机科学的灵魂人物去完成了这一使命,他的名字就是Von Neumann,但在这一切发生的过程当中这4个要素都是并行的在发展,神学一直扮演着反证的角色,而物理数学和哲学(这里的哲学不光指苏格拉底传统主义哲学也包括19世纪的科学论理)一直努力互相的影响前进.从programmer的角度简要的讲,物理是硬件(Hardware),数学是软件(software),哲学是方法论(methodology),神学是综合方法论的验证(testing).


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fallen Shawn the R0ck

I have stay with my girl(in facto,wife now) in the last 20 days.We get marriged before God.Our situation remind me a song:Walk hard.
Walk hard...hard..down life...rock-N-roll~
Walk bold...hard..thats my code......
Anyway,I have to stay alone for months.I ahhh....emotionally or mentally depressed.I dont know how to explain what i want to as?dead inside?no..of course not~

PLease pray for me!!!Honestly,I need you pray!

My wife bought a book of The Art of computer Programming for me:
a fren'in slacker

my beautiful lady

I have create a google group which named of HackerFellowship.In old greece,the fellowship means a group of guys who enjoy with hacking to achive a same goal.We want to use this group promoting hacker ethic(culture,etc..but not just in computer field),algorithm,philosophy,methodology,computer science(aNd low-level stuff like as embedded system and open hardware).Welcome Hackers to join in!