Thursday, November 22, 2012

Simple GNU/Linux kernel rootkit?

It's fucking busy on day job recently. But I still couldn't forget the most important thing: Night job. Hacking on security stuff is much fun than other technique field. Endless functional testing did really fucked my mind. I need a fresh air and take a deep breathe...PM 2.5 is fucking high in Beijing, shit*Why should I be here? I really want to go back to hometown if I can work at home. Wait a min, where is my fucking home? Switchfoot told us that we do not belong here-_-

hmm..I bullshited a lot again...Let's talk about this example program. It's a simple rootkit for GNU/Linux kernel and it was implemented via kprobe mechanism, which is provided by kernel itself. kprobe is very powerfull and it was designed for kernel debugging. Or, we could use it do our things. You known, as a security guy, makes your hands dirty in the kernel land is just matter of time. This rootkit allows use normal users do the root's business.

Show time:
root@sl13:/home/john/dumb_rootkit# make
make -C /lib/modules/2.6.39-smp/build/ M=/home/john/dumb_rootkit modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.39'
  CC [M]  /home/john/dumb_rootkit/dumb_rootkit.o
  Building modules, stage 2.
  MODPOST 1 modules
  CC      /home/john/dumb_rootkit/dumb_rootkit.mod.o
  LD [M]  /home/john/dumb_rootkit/dumb_rootkit.ko
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.39'
root@sl13:/home/john/dumb_rootkit# insmod dumb_rootkit.ko 
root@sl13:/home/john/dumb_rootkit# exit
john@sl13:~/dumb_rootkit$ /usr/sbin/iptables -L
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         
john@sl13:~/dumb_rootkit$ dmesg -c
[ 5700.687828] Planted jprobe at c10ffb20, handler addr d8e32000
[ 5707.502249] jprobe: filename: /usr/bin/id from bash, pid = 6393, uid = 0, gid = 0
[ 5728.728063] jprobe: filename: /usr/sbin/iptables from bash, pid = 6394, uid = 0, gid = 0
[ 5730.936214] jprobe: filename: /bin/dmesg from bash, pid = 6395, uid = 0, gid = 0

What the fuck was going on? no more explains, plz RTFSC.....

Today is Thanksgiving Day. I'm celebrating this holiday but I'm not a Yankee. I'm a christian but I'm not very religious. I get used to call myself a "neo-calvinist technological christian". It's quite long name, isn't it? The matter is that name is not important anymore. In the cyber space( internet?), it doesn't fucking matter who you are or how rich you are. Even we( hackers?) don't care about your sexy ass. The idea is the only matter!

Thank God, Phrack is still running...and, never better!

May L0rd's hacking spirit guide us!!!

btw: I was drinking PAULANER while I was writing this shit-_-

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My story - The falling of Hackerfellowship Group

Where should I begin? The story I'm going to share, that's definitely a long story.  I will make it short as possible as I could.

I became a christian in 2004. Then the following years I was reading/learning a lot of stuff about other people's consequence of ideas. In late 2007, after 3 years of thinking, I thought I was still lacking of "aha" ideas. There were more conversations in face-2-face  back then. I sponsored a community to get a group of people together to discussion on some topics. HFG( Hackerfellowship Group) was born in 2007. We have had monthly meeting for 5 years. We also had a lot of discussions on mailinglist. People came and went. A lot of things happened. I tried to build HFG as an organic community but I totally failed. I neglected the most important factor in the organic community: People must already have organic life, hacker's life. I expected HFG could have the spirit of underground community but it never did. Because these guys I was hacking with who were not hackers even didn't understand what hacker ethic is. Nalaginrut/fU9ANg/口水猫/ are not fucking hackers!  How could people get used to talking about hacker ethic without any experience of underground scenes? Indeed, I was inspired by Phrack. That's why I ended HFG in my life journey. I'm becoming more like a security guy but not as a generic hacker. I shut down the mailing list and set it open for public. Someday in the future, will I be back? I don't know. Anything is possible if I really want to.

Don't give me wrong. Some of former HFG members are still my good friends. Unfortunately, only friends without brotherhood tag. I built my own fundamentally structure of philosophy with the experiences in HFG. Unfortunately again, it was only my philosophy, it always be. I finally decided to release the latest version of HFG manifesto on my blog last month. I hope it could help people who are struggling with sort of philosophic ideas. But I'm not sure if it really could be helpful. I just do what I should do. I know people would like to hear a happy ending. I'm so sorry, did I fuck your mind again? You fuc*ing tell me...

btw: Internet is a incredible system. No one gives a shit about who you are or what you believed in internet. What internet care is only about ideas. V is right about the ideas are immortality. No one can destroy the ideas.
HFG( Hackerfellowship Group) manifesto alpha-end revised version

what is Fellowship?
In ancient Greece, the fellowship means a group of guys who are hacking together for achieving the same goal. The HackerFellowship will get hackers together for conversation/sharing/hacking. Hackers are always living in the future, and making the definition of the future!

What is our goal?
Hacking, find the truth! Because Hackers want/need truth. Hackers must experience sort of underground scenes. We are trying to build an underground online/offline community to help us digging deeper, which behind the surface. Hacking on 4-layer model of Theo/Philo/Math/Engi with inevitable complexity of this world...

I want to join in, but how?
Wait a min, my dear friend. We wish you could be one of us just like a brother(maybe you are a sister) return home. We all know that choose the strong philosophy is our only option. In the whole eco-system( Sunday school->brotherhood->community->start-up->company->Multi-regional corporation), building a brotherhood is our target. Once you get in, you must share some views/knowledge. Keep that in mind: what we are really concerning it's about your own philosophy, and we need you prove that you have these abilities or background below to contribute:

1, Join in a conversations like a philosopher who lived in ancient Greece.

2, If you are come from computer field, you should have basis computer programming skills either in C(think about the way of Turing Machine) or scheme(think about the way of Lambda calculus). And having the ability to make your own personal world view on computing field.

3, If you are atheist, we only accept those real atheist( like Ray Kurzweil?) who are looking for the truth whatever it costs. If you are not type of them, fuck outta of here.

4, If you are a christian, only the reformed faith(Lutheranism,Calvinist,neo-Calvinist,etc) are welcome in HFG! Because we need a christian who is willing to dedicate to cultural mandate( defined by reformed theology) in his/her hacking field.

Why HFG?
There may be dozen of reasons. We only list some highlighted ones:

1, We are type of people who are following the hacker ethic and focus on the purpose of life. Even we don't know the purpose or our position in this specific era. We are still trying to figure it out.

2, The brotherhood is like the 2nd foundation never existed. Wait...Where the hell is the 1st foundation? Do you get it? Join HFG, which means you have a chance to learn/hack on how to build an underground brotherhood.

3, Not all of us are comes from computer fields. A lot of people did really good job at non-computer field that we called them Generic hacker. Hacker ethic now affecting more places than our thought. We are hackers! We are anonymous! We have different hacking background. But we are sharing the same methodologies.

We suggest you could learn these courses on MIT OCW:
1, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
2, Introduction to Computer Science and Programming( python)
3, Operating System Engineering
4, Computer Language Engineering
5, Practical Programming in C
6, Multicore Programming Primer

Techique topic:
1, Lisp interpreter
2, GNU/Linux
3, Open hardware

Some materials are our friendly arsenal:

The Holy Bible - SOMEONE

Hacker, Hacker, Hacker!!!
Hacker Ethics and the Spirit of the Information Age by Pekka Hiemann
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy
Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture - David Kushner
Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age by Paul Graham
The Art of Intrusion - Kevin Mitnick

Ideas - Theological philosphy & Philosophical theology
The Institution of Christian Religion - John Cavlin
Redeeming Science - Vern Sheridan Poythress
The Silmarillion -
The trilogy of The Lord of the Rings -
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism - Max Webber
The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World - R. C. Sproul
Making Sense of It All Pascal and the Meaning of Life - Thomas V. Morris
Worldview: The History of a Concept - David K. Naugle
Augustine's Confessions - St.Augestine
The Great Philosophers - Karl Theodor Jaspers
Truth or Consequences: The Promise & Perils of Postmodernism - Millard J. Erickson
Twilight of the Idols - Friedrich Nietzsche
The Will to Power - Friedrich Nietzsche
Philosophical Fragments - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard
Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice
The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice
My Life: A Spoken Autobiography - Fidel Castro
Man, his nature and place in the world - Arnold Gehlen
Wild at heart - John Eldredge
Mathematics in Western Culture - Morris Kline
Metaphysics  - Aristotle
Nine Talmudic Readings  - Emmanuel Levinas
Mere Christianity - C. S. Lewis
On the Trinity - St.Augestine
Thoughts - Blaise Pascal
A History of Western Philosophy - Bertrand Russell
On Judaism - Martin Buber
Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness - Roger Penrose
God in Search of Man : A Philosophy of Judaism - AJB
Essence of Judaism - Leo Baeck
Everyman's Talmud - Abraham Cohen
The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real - William Irwin
Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle - Saul Singer
Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World - KK
What Technology Wants - KK
When Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners? - Ian G. Barbour
Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov
English Deism: Its Roots And Its Fruits - John Orr
The Singularity is near - Ray Kurzweil
Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos - M. Mitchell Waldrop
Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity - John Holland
The Quark and the Jaguar: Adventures in the Simple and the Complex - Murray Gell-Mann



Hacking, 找到各个领域的真相!因为黑客的内心渴望真相。地下的场景是黑客必备的经历。我们尝试建立一个地下的在线和线下的社区去帮助我们自己更好的挖掘在表面之下 的真相。Hacking整个四层模型(神学/哲学/数学/工程)的过程不可避免的会遭遇世界的复杂性。


1, 抱着开放式的态度来进行探讨,我们关注你的哲学,而不是道听途说的知识。

2, 如果您来自计算机领域,在技术上至少具有编程经验:C语言基础(图灵机路线) or scheme编程基础(lambda演算路线),并具备构建计算机科学的世界观的能力。

3, 如果你是无神论,我们只接受真正的无神论,因为他们为了探寻真理可以不惜一切代价,如果你属于大众意义上的无神论,请马上滚蛋!

4, 如果你是基督徒,只有归正信仰(路德宗,加尔文主义,etc)是被HFG所接受的,因为他们愿意投身于各个领域的文化使命。


1, 我们是一群努力探寻人生意义和遵循黑客伦理的人。即使我们目前没有搞明白我们存在的意义或者在这个时代性背景下我们的位置,这没关系,我们会搞明白的。

2, 兄弟会就如第二基地一样从来都没存在过,wait...那第一基地在哪里? 你明白这个隐喻吗? 加入HFG,至少意味着你可以学习和参与到建立一个地下的兄弟会。

3, 并不是所有人都来自计算机领域。有很多人在非计算机领域也做的非常棒,我们简单称呼他们为Generic Hacker。黑客伦理的影响原超过了我们的想象。我们是黑客!我们是匿名者!我们有不同的hacking经历和背景。但,我们却共享着同样的方法论。

HFG推荐学习的MIT OCW课程:
1,Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
2,Introduction to Computer Science and Programming(python)
3,Operating System Engineering
4,Computer Language Engineering
5,Practical Programming in C
6,Multicore Programming Primer

1, Lisp解释器
2, GNU/Linux
3, 开放硬件

The Holy Bible(圣经) - SOMEONE

Hacker, Hacker, Hacker!!!
Hacker Ethics and the Spirit of the Information Age(黑客伦理与信息时代精神) by Pekka Hiemann
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy
Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture - David Kushner
Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age(黑客与画家:科技时代的思想碰撞) by Paul Graham
The Art of Intrusion - Kevin Mitnick

Ideas - Theological philosphy & Philosophical theology
The Institution of Christian Religion(基督教要义) - John Cavlin
Redeeming Science - Vern Sheridan Poythress
The Silmarillion(精灵宝钻) - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien,
The Trilogy of The Lord of the Rings(魔戒三部曲) - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism(新教伦理与资本主义精神) - Max Webber
The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World(思想的结果) - R. C. Sproul
Making Sense of It All Pascal and the Meaning of Life - Thomas V. Morris
Worldview: The History of a Concept - David K. Naugle
Augustine's Confessions(忏悔录) - St.Augestine
The Great Philosophers(大哲学家) - Karl Theodor Jaspers
Truth or Consequences: The Promise & Perils of Postmodernism - Millard J. Erickson
Twilight of the Idols - Friedrich Nietzsche
The Will to Power(权力意志) - Friedrich Nietzsche
Philosophical Fragments - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard
Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice
The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice
My Life: A Spoken Autobiography - Fidel Castro
Man, his nature and place in the world - Arnold Gehlen
Wild at heart - John Eldredge
Mathematics in Western Culture - Morris Kline
Metaphysics  - Aristotle
Nine Talmudic Readings  - Emmanuel Levinas
Mere Christianity(返朴归真) - C. S. Lewis
On the Trinity(论三位一体) - St.Augestine
Thoughts - Blaise Pascal
A History of Western Philosophy(西方哲学史) - Bertrand Russell
On Judaism(论犹太教) - Martin Buber
Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness - Roger Penrose
God in Search of Man : A Philosophy of Judaism - AJB
Essence of Judaism - Leo Baeck
Everyman's Talmud - Abraham Cohen
The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real - William Irwin
Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle(创业的国度) - Saul Singer
Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World(失控) - KK
What Technology Wants - KK
When Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners? - Ian G. Barbour
Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov
English Deism: Its Roots And Its Fruits - John Orr
The Singularity is near - Ray Kurzweil
Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos - M. Mitchell Waldrop
Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity - John Holland
The Quark and the Jaguar: Adventures in the Simple and the Complex - Murray Gell-Mann

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to compile the glibc-2.14.1 on Slackware 13.37

Note: This article is nothing about build a cross-compiler toolchains. The only reason I need to rebuild the glibc is for hacking the glibc itself, which mean to providing a debugging platform. If you need to build a cross-compiler toolchains( for Play Station III?) , go to openWRT community.

1, download the glibc-2.14.1.

2, Preparation before compiling:

root@sl13:/home/libs/2.14-build# mkdir -p /home/root_shawn/etc
root@sl13:/home/libs/2.14-build# cp /etc/ /home/root_shawn/etc/

3, Decompressing the source code and compiling:

root@sl13:/home/libs# tar jxvf glibc-2.14.1.tar.bz2
root@sl13:/home/libs/2.14-build# ../glibc-2.14.1/configure --prefix=/home/root_shawn --with-tls --enable-add-ons=nptl
root@sl13:/home/libs/2.14-build# make -j 2 && make install

4, Edit some config files:

add "export LIBRARY_PATH=/home/root_shawn/lib:/lib:/usr/lib" to the file /etc/profile

edit the file "/usr/lib/gcc/i486-slackware-linux/4.5.2/specs", and replace "/lib/" with "/home/root_shawn/lib/"

add "/home/root_shawn/lib" to the file /etc/

root@sl13:/home/libs/2.14-build# ldconfig
root@sl13:/home/libs/2.14-build# source /etc/profile

5, Testing the current version of glibc

#include <stdio.h>
#include <gnu/libc-version.h>
int main ()
        printf("%s\n", gnu_get_libc_version ());
        return 0;

root@sl13:~# gcc hello.c
root@sl13:~# ./a.out

Bingo, it's already upgrade!

6, Check the linking path

root@sl13:~# readelf -l a.out

Elf file type is EXEC (Executable file)
Entry point 0x8048340
There are 7 program headers, starting at offset 52

Program Headers:
  Type           Offset   VirtAddr   PhysAddr   FileSiz MemSiz  Flg Align
  PHDR           0x000034 0x08048034 0x08048034 0x000e0 0x000e0 R E 0x4
  INTERP         0x000114 0x08048114 0x08048114 0x00023 0x00023 R   0x1
      [Requesting program interpreter: /home/root_shawn/lib/]
  LOAD           0x000000 0x08048000 0x08048000 0x00504 0x00504 R E 0x1000
  LOAD           0x000504 0x08049504 0x08049504 0x00104 0x0010c RW  0x1000
  DYNAMIC        0x000518 0x08049518 0x08049518 0x000c8 0x000c8 RW  0x4
  NOTE           0x000138 0x08048138 0x08048138 0x00020 0x00020 R   0x4
  GNU_STACK      0x000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000 0x00000 RW  0x4

 Section to Segment mapping:
  Segment Sections...
   01     .interp
   02     .interp .note.ABI-tag .hash .dynsym .dynstr .gnu.version .gnu.version_r .rel.dyn .rel.plt .init .plt .text .fini .rodata .eh_frame
   03     .ctors .dtors .jcr .dynamic .got .got.plt .data .bss
   04     .dynamic
   05     .note.ABI-tag

[Requesting program interpreter: /home/root_shawn/lib/] --- that's what I want. Shit~ I can debug the fucking glibc now. I'll keep reading the Phrack paper( avoid the stack canary to remote exploit for profit and fun? ) this week. 29% is too far away from my goal/gold.....hmm...maybe emacs's lines counter has some problem @_@

btw: The Architecture wants the Matrix running by the paradigms of  closed system/linear/mechanic/engineering/controlled. The Oracle wants the Matrix becoming a diversity world with infinitely possibility, by following the paradigms of open system/non-linear/biological/evolving/out of control. The matters is depend on your "choice".

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great minds think alike

I came to BJ on May 8th 2012 and I went to a hostel as my temporary live. I was very busy on job interviews in the 1st week. The result was not really good. Some very famous companies in the industry are not pretty as I thought. Almost of them are caring about hiring cheap labors but nothing concerns truely hacking spirit. It's ok. I will not disclosure you montherfuckers here-_- I began to vist friends/communities in the 2nd week. There were so much interesting stuffs I've been experience in the next 2 months. Of course, I'm going to share these disclosure-able part.

Firstly, I was start the io-wargame, which is a learning platform that you can learn and practice your security skills on GNU/Linux. In the 1st 10 days, I was get used to playing with io-wargame on the daylight. When I passed the lvl5, it was beings a little bit of harder. So I need help from irc and I have to follow these experienced hacker's daily online schedule. The midnight( in BJ) is a good start for them. Then I changed my hacking time. Finally, I spent 1 month to passed the lvl10. I will keep on it if I have time in the future. If you ask me about pw( please go asking in irc channel), I will give you my mid-finger. The spoiler is intolerable in smashthestack community.

I went to Open Party Beijing in May. A bunch of speakers gave us wide topics in the seminar, including history, math, startup ideas and other stuff. After the seminar, I went with a other-stuff's speaker for dinner. His name is Philip McMaster. He was a speaker on TEDx Beijing 2011. We discussed a few very serious issues that normal people seems don't care about. How are the banksters robing people's wealth? How is the Protestant ethic evolving to Hacker ethic in the background of information age? How can a normal people find their really needs( correct value) today? How can a young man/woman spend a whole afternoon for shopping the stuff they never really need? How can you say looking for the truth/pupose of ur life is important and you are still willing to spend more than 10 years salary to buy a apartment? Aha, our society is fucking sick. After I introduced the relationship between hacker ethic and information age, Philip was start to using my terminology to keep the conversation continue. Well, I just wanna say, as a old man, He has a open mind and he definitely is a fucking hacker.

I went to BLUG's meeting in June. Jose gave us a free speech about a open hardware project: open-drone. It's very like a quadricopter. I was picturing in my mind( when Jose was talking), add a camera and a wifi device onto the drone. It can fly close to a highrise building and taking photo, or flying around your home and cracking every wifi you searched. And, I met a female security hobbyist who are using BT5, which is the main OS on my laptop. She's name is Kendra. She is a web designer and a artist hacker. It was my honor to met the Lady Back-Track-_-

Another interesting experience was to hangout with a friend. He worked for Qi-hardware. He has been very busy on digging the bitcoins and keeping find the better ways if possible. Bitcoins is the creation of people who are holding the Anarchist-like philosophical ideas. I like the concept of decentralization. Bitcoin is the electronical cash that you can exchange it with others by peer-to-peer ways. How to get bitcoins? You can ask google about it. My answer is simple: Machine's calculations. At the period of beginning of the bitcoin's digging, hacker/people were using CPU. Then they figured out some kind of technique issues to make CPU inefficiency on digging work. Use GPU instead of CPU is a better choice. The matter right now is GPU cost the power too much and FPGA is the way that can fit their needs. See my list below then you will understand:

1000USD's PC with CPU mining: 5Mhash/s
1000USD's PC with GPU mining: 300--400Mhash/s, GPU-part: 100-200W
500USD's FPGA device: 400Mhash/s, only 20-30W

Do the math-_- The qi-hardware shared everything about their experience. If you have interest to be a miner of information version, hack it for urself! I went out with friends/backpackers for watching the soccer match at 11:00 PM. We saw lights from a few highrise buildings when we walked back on the street at 4:20 PM. A guy told us a story: "If you can see there are still lights in the office building after midnight, which mean the monkey coders are OT there. They actually don't work. They are just sitting on their butt until the manager go get to the bitches. They will watch the Japanses pornie movie and begin know the monkey coder's dick is so small that they even can't find their dick very preciesly. The question is why their dick is so small? Becuase they don't write low-level code, which could be healthy for programmer's soul.". Well, this is a fascinating story from underground. Please, keep the secret for me and don't tell it to others-_- I think that differs hacker and monkey coder. I need to transform myself from the monkey-coder to the hacker. It would be a kind of paradigm shift, big ones!

 I got my new job. It's my honor to work for a community-based company. I'll be busting my ass on new hacking in the future. I've already shared the disclosure-able part of my experience of the past 2 months above. I think the 2-month is my vaction for the 7-year hacking of Theo/Philo/Math/Engi models. Praise the L0rd!

May L0rd's hacking spirit guide us!

 btw: Neo didn't kill agent Smith. He just decompiled him and split the code into the fucking random area. That's the point!

before I left home:

Lady Back-Track:

Backpackers left their photos on the wall:

LongQuan Buddhism temple in BJ:

what a delicious food made by friends

I like NetEase. Because they provided servers for Open Course and TED.


 EURO CUP 2012. When England VS French began, a french guy sung the national song:


 AMD and Intel are so "close"...WTH
Don't look at that girl. Keep your eyes on the GNU logo, please...

TsingHua University. This is the only place I like.

I bet the combination of cheap x86 hardware and GNU/Linux will beat the other platform in networking device field. Atom 4/5xx with 1.8Ghz dual core machine only cost about 1, 400 RMB:

We went out to bar to watch German VS Greece:

Remeber that monkey-coder's story?

By the community, and for the community!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Phrack Issue 68 was released in apirl 14th 2012

About 10 months ago, there were an announcement on Phrack's main page, which said to all dear phrackers, unsurprisingly delayed... again. For sake of the rule "quality first", Phrack staffs have been always keeping the "delay" tradition:-/ I just wanna say Thanks to Phrack authors. Without you guys contribution, there probably are not a such great ezine even exist on the planet. Does this mean will I farewell to this planet? Of course no(When I say goodbye, it's forever!), dude. There are still a lot of interesting fields I can hack with. Hacker is a type of person who are never stop to digging deeper the truth behind the surface in any specific fields.

Phrack Issue 68 brings many great papers to us. I can't understand every papers in every Phrack issues but I just know it's really worth to read/hack. Fortunately, I'm not a native English speaker but I can still read these great Phrack papers/articles. I was start to read the Issue 68 After I report the ezine released news on solidot(Chinese slashdot). The prologue is talk about Dennis Ritchie --- a great hacker. He left the physical world and there are a lot more legacies for younger generation hackers including C, Unix and...methodology.I wrote an article that discussing 5 hackers's life including those 3 who are left us: John McCarthy, Dennis Ritchie, Steve Jobs. If what Steve Jobs have done to us that's sort of "changed" the world, Dennis Ritchie was definitely make the world, and John McCarthy discovered the methodology that provided Dennis to make the world.

I also like "Dark Thoughts" in Issue 68's prologue. I was shocked that I never thought the event of Chinese driver murders would be show up in this issue. Wow, this is Phrack, isn't it? Phrack have always been talking about the truth, which behind the surface. I like that anonymous hacker's honest to said he is a coward. Honest, one of important property of Hacker, I think he got one. My fellow gears, I'm a anonymous coward too many times.

Yeah, I talked above very serious topics. Let's talk about the funny part --- Loopback. I love the Loopback very much. I have read through every Loopback in Phrack when I begun to read in Aug 2010. I like Phrack staff's sense of humor. That type of humor is my best fit.  I have read the Loopback of this issue while I was listening to a pastor's Sunday preaching. Sorry, my dear L0rd, the loopback is too much interesting:-) An guy from England wrote a poem for phrackers "Razor Tech Warrior":

Razor Tech Warrior

They told you that you were nothing
Just another name and number
They said you were dumb and dumber

But you stole
Their lives away
Network Nazi
Live to fight another day

    [ Network Nazi Live to fight another day <-- WTF ???? ]

Through the black
Of the nights metal sheets
In tower blocks and tenements
Cyber crime it breeds

The government will stomp you out
But burn their kernel
Lock it down
While others are still asleep.

    [ We are speechless. All we can say is: LOL. ]

 I like it very much, especially in "Network Nazi Live to fight another day". Wait a min, what the hell is Networking Nazi? Anyone can give me a hint? And there another interesting loopback:

Subject: Phrack 68th Issue Release

Hello mate,
I am very interested in upcoming 68th issue of phrack.
The whole world is counting on you!!

    [ The whole world? Not even the whole scene mate ;) ]

I just want to know when will be the release and can you give me a glimpse
of contents inside it.
I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

    [ Hehe, hope you didn't wait too much. ]


Hello LEGEND XEON,  I have a similar feeling like you. Sometimes, I checked out the Phrack website every day.

 I'm a computer newbie(if compare to those real underground old school hackers) and the most Phrack papers are too hard for me. So I have a "coward solution" that it's read the non-tech papers at first. Sorry, I followed this path through the Happy Hacking ones. The author(damn, another anonymous) pointed out a big point. Should we working for live or just for fun? I resigned my job and already in Beijing for few days. I'm trying to get a job here(now I failed to 2 job interviews). But question is what kind of job? There probably are 2 options:

1, Get a job in security field.

2, Get a interesting day job and make the security hacking as night job.

I'm not sure this is gonna work well. But I'm really appreciate it for this paper's author(Hope you could know your paper is helping people, anonymous coward:-/). I have been guffing around(is this a reviews of Phrack Issue 68? You tell me) a lot but not technique yet. OK, I'm a tech coward although. I begun to read the paper Single Process Parasite. I learned some techniques like there are not all libs's address which can be injected the code and excuted on them after loaded and I looked into the usage of ptrace() system call, which is the cornerstone of GNU Debugger. I wrote a "hello world" program for ptrace here. Every Phrack papers are worth to read, but honestly I never read through tech ones. It's a shame! I will try to get rid of "newbie" title-_-

By community, for community!

May L0rd's hacking spirit guide us!

btw: I came to BJ while my wife went back to HK. Only a few days not together we both felt uncomfortable. I hope can get a proper job soon. Almighty L0rd, what do you want me to do?

 Where I'm living for temp....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Return of the Hacker Ethic

We can see more and more hackers to join the biology field today. There's a good brief about how the hacker ethic influences hackers on making the paradigm shift from computer hacking to biohacking in Weis's article Biohacking: The Beginning of the Biological Revolution". Hacker ethic was started in computer hacking at MIT in east coast of US in 1950s. Computer hackers created the revolution of electronical computer, and now the paradigm of "just for fun in garage" seems happenning in biology field, biohackers have been making the equipments by hands such as openPCR, which can copy and manipulate the DNA stuff, it only costs $500. Some biohacker's community(DIYbio, Genspace and ) are emerging in the east coast. Hacker ethic is now forming from yesterday's cyberpunk to today's biopunk, and today's biohackers will become tommorrow's technological leaders. Maybe the early computer hacker Bill Gates is right at this point:"Creating artificial life with DNA synthesis. That’s sort of the equivalent of machine-language programming...If you want to change the world in some big way, that’s where you should start — biological molecules...There are more opportunities now...But they’re different opportunities. They need the same type of crazy fanaticism of youthful genius that drove the PC industry — and can have the same impact on the human condition.”.

In the 20th century, the rapid development of Physics gave possibility of building computer hardware, and formal system had already became the stonecorner of computer software design. But, along with the high speed of the technology development increasing the complexity, which makes human beings like a fool. We have had to hack the new/unfamiliar methodology what we called wholism, which the opposite is reductionism. We've been getting a lot of experience about how to deal with complexity from the journey of computer hardware/software hacks since Unix system was born. Now we/hackers will take these experience on next hacking field --- biological field. May God of Technology bless the offspring of Alonzo Church, Alan Turing and John Von Neumann!

May L0rd's hacking spirit guide us!!!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A & G trends II

一年前A & G trends的第一篇谈论了作为黑客今天所面临的世界环境,A &G trends第二篇则侧重于讨论黑客的生命的问题。本文章已经在DNFWAH Issue 2上发布。

sth0R@frolsak]$ MRJ
Requiescat in pace!

|---Author: Shawn the R0ck----|
|---Date: Dec 31st, 2011---------|
|---Location: Chengdu,China--|

--[ Contents

0. Introduction

1. The 3rd Apple

1.1 The creator of *prison*

2. Trinity model of Hacker's life

2.1 The King of Simplicity

2.2 (* (*) (*) )

2.2 The evanglist of freedom

2.3 Witness of Hacker ethics

3. They are all great hackers

3.1 But we all going to die

4. Eternality VS Temporality

--[ 0. Intro

如果把1946年2月ENIAC的诞生算作计算机科学正式进入工程领域,整个计算机领域的发展至今也不到70年,对于一个影响人类的分支科学已经算是非常的年轻;如果把1958年Lisp语言的出现看作是Lambda演算正式以形式化的方式进入计算机语言领域,至今也不到60年;如果把1969年到1973年出现的C语言和UNIX操作系统的诞生算作大型软件开发工程化的开始,至今40年左右;如果把1977年的Apple II个人电脑算作个人计算机的开始,至今也就34年;如果把1983年GNU项目算作黑客伦理通过自由软件这个载体开始向非计算机领域的渗透,至今也才28年;如果把1992年的Wolfenstein 3D算作现代3D游戏的开始,至今不到20年.


--[ 1. 第三个苹果

世界上有三个著名的苹果,魔鬼使用第一个苹果在伊甸园诱惑了夏娃,从那时起,人类就和罪性捆绑在一起.第二个苹果砸醒了17世纪伟大的科学家,神学家(不要忘记但以理书的注释)Issac Newton(牛顿),从此人类对知识的饥渴是显而易见的.第三个苹果被Steve Jobs啃了一口后改变了世界,Apple公司成为了这个时代性背景下的代表.

2011年10月5日,第三苹果的缔造者Steve Jobs离开了物质世界,作为hacker而言,他去哪里不重要,重要的是他走完了作为伟大黑客的完备人生.Jobs的离开让这个星球上无数的人都感到叹息,人们都因为他的离开默哀.今天APPLE的ipod, iMac,iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iCloud改变了很多人的生活甚至是生命,就连Shawn认识的一些以前从未认识Jobs的中老年人因为读了Jobs经历而开始尝试使用Apple的产品,可见Steve的个人魅力!世界的态度是悼念这一位离我们而去的伟人.

一位教会的牧师讲道中谈到"Steve Jobs是一个一生赶着去死的人!“以此来让信徒们思考永恒性,Shawn则认为"一个一生赶着去死的人"对世界的影响都如此之大那整天都谈"永生"的宗教份子大多都在打着上帝的旗帜干着完全违背圣经总原则之事,和笛卡尔同时代的数学家,哲学家---Blaise Pascal曾经讲过:"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.(人们只有打着宗教的旗号才会做出如此彻底的邪恶之事而还感到愉快)".

----[ 1.1 "监狱"的缔造者 &^` Steve Jobs

世界对待Jobs的态度是时代性式考量,而教会则是永恒性式的辩驳.这都不是强两希社区的态度,当然他们也不可能傻到站出来讲出事实的真相,这也不是Shawn讨论的题目.Shawn只是想从Hacker的视角来看待Steve Jobs.

1976年,Steve Jobs和Steve Wozniak在车库里进行着他们认为有趣的hacking,这个有趣的hacking就是后来的APPLE系列个人电脑,这个阶段两位Steve进行着没日没夜的hacking,对技术狂热的追求和对未知世界的无限向往,这个阶段的Jobs是典型old school黑客的代表,当Apple发展壮大后由于诸多原因Jobs离开了公司,多年后又重回Apple这是大家都知道的,之后在Jobs的带领下创造了苹果奇迹,SteveJobs从一个old school黑客范式转移到了打包成new school风格的产品最终推向大众市场,在这个过程中不得不提的是BSD操作系统,后来苹果的产品的稳定性几乎是由BSD所带来的,但由于BSD许可证不注重公众自由的结果直接导致了APPLE在利益的诱导下开发出了完全封闭的工具链和应用软件,这个所导致的直接后过就是大
胡子所讲[]的"他建造了一个牢笼,用很酷的设计将傻瓜们与自由隔开".但不可否认凡是old school技术必须要转换成为new school的风格才会被大众所接受,Microsoft的Bill Gates也是这样的例子,即使世界上很难找出几个像Bill这样以程序设计语言起家的公司但他还是成功了,不是吗?这或许就是Martin Buber所
言的"在最世俗的世界中去实现那最神圣的远景.".但这里存在一个问题:如果你来自强两希的四大社区,无论你选择old or new都没有太大关系,因为你所在的社区有很多hacker同时具备old and new两种范式的能力,比如一个做android app的年轻人如果想要学习OS或者compiler等old school的哲学和技术会很快找到导师,而如果你成长于亚洲则没有那么幸运了.作为old school hacker,Shawn更欣赏在车库的那个Jobs而非今天的"乔帮主".

当大胡子讲出了对那段对Jobs的离开的评论[1]时很多人愤怒了,很多人不理解,需要注意的是我们所生活的这个星球以及一切在这个星球上的事物,包括人类,自然界,经济系统,etc...都是复杂系统,我们不可能以"非黑即白"的方式来评判周围发生的事情,但事实就是事实,Steve Jobs的确建造了一个看起来很酷的"监狱",这个监狱就是整个Apple公司的产品线,这个监狱让世界上绝大多数人在没有搞明白何

xXx: what is freedom?(什么是自由)

Shawn: It's able to do what you want to do.(自由就是相干什么就干什么)

xXx: No, freedom is able to do what you "should" to do.(不是,自由是你去做应该做的事情)

而"应该"的定义取决于您的哲学观,大胡子也强调"Your future is depend on your philosophy",这个"应该"的哲学是通过个体生命的hacking所产生的...&^*...Shawn没有能力让你改变你的想法,不管你所处在什么领域,你都应该尽可能的去思考这个领域的本质,这也是黑客伦理所认为是真理的方式,最近一位年轻的女性跟Shawn讲:"看了Food, Inc[2]让我更能理解RMS对Jobs的评论."

--[ 2. 伟大的黑客---(+ 哲学家,科学家,工程师) && (* 程序员 工程师 黑客)

何为伟大的黑客?非得精确的定义实在是很困难,但这并不代表我们不可以尝试从不同的方面来理解黑客.从<黑客伦理与信息时代精神>中Pekka给出的材料来看黑客应该属于对未知世界抱有强烈探索欲望的人类,所以黑客几乎涵盖了古代到今天的哲学家,科学家和工程师.轴心时代(Axial Era)开始了世界各地相继出现哲学思辩,犹太民族经历了痛苦的先知时代和怀疑的拉比时代;古希腊的哲学经历了早期的七圣时代,中期的苏格拉底,柏拉图,亚里士多德的全盛时期和后期的Epicurus(伊壁鸠鲁), Stoicism(斯多噶派)和怀疑论;中国先秦哲学出现了注重形而上的老子,中庸的孔子和"借术寻道"的墨子;古印度的原始佛教的佛陀.从广义上讲,他们都是黑客.随着哲学思辩的深入,特别是在希伯来的信仰和希腊的哲学产生了碰撞后,人们先是继续着神学和哲学的探讨,后来则逐渐经过了神哲学的研究和生命体验后进入了一个以建立数学模型进行科学研究的时代,这个时代是由伽利略和牛顿开创的,有了数学模型的哲学家和科学家就开始近一步的尝试把科学的研究成果工程化,他们很多人同时扮演着哲学家,科学家和工程师的多重角色,把

技术点需要亲自实现(扮演Programmer的角色),而哪些模块是用自由软件或者使用自由软件的代码同时会进行优化,如果说Programmer是站在还原论(Reductionism)的视角,那Engineer则是站在整体论(Wholism)的视角来看待同一个事物;而在前两者的过程中都抱着一种黑客的态度去hacking,这里指的hacker attitude不仅仅是代表您读完了那本<黑客伦理与信息时代精神>[3]后而知道的知识,是
否对于你的生命和hacking领域的wired-in是更重要的方面.三者的合一就是完美hacker的生命!接下来我们会试着讨论几位比Steve Jobs更长久影响old school社区的黑客的生命.

----[ 2.1 KISS的胜利 =-= Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

1941年9月9日,一位日后改变世界的黑客出生于美国纽约的撒克逊社区.DMR在哈佛大学学习物理学和应用数学毕业,1967年他进入贝尔实验室,生前是朗讯技术公司系统软件研究部门的领导人.1983年他与Ken Thompson一起获得了图灵奖,理由是他们"研究发展了通用的操作系统理论,尤其是实现了UNIX操作系统".1999年两人为发展C语言和Unix操作系统一起获得了美国国家技术奖章.C语言和UNIX操作系统
对世界的影响是很难估量的,从系统软件的层面上看几乎所有的现代操作系统都是用C语言实现的,比如BSD操作系统,GNU/Linux操作系统,Mac OSX系统,即使是Windows操作系统都是使用C语言实现的,最近10年嵌入式的发展突飞猛进,C语言则是嵌入式平台下使用频率最高的语言之一,在最核心和关键的模块必定是用C语言实现的,C语言对机器底层的抽象非常简洁,即使遇到汇编的使用场合old school黑客也可以通过诸如gcc内嵌GNU汇编的形式来实现,C语言是沿着Alan Turning的范式来看待了计算的本质,这和下面Shawn将介绍的Lisp语言刚好相反,Lisp是沿着Alozon Church的范式,从哲学上讲,本体都是一个,采用的方法论的不同导致知识论的差异化;UNIX则在设计哲学上影响了所有unix-like的OS的设计与实
现.KISS(Keep it simple, stupid)哲学影响了整个old school社区的黑客们,就正如DMR那句经典的描述:"UNIX is very simple, it just needs a genius to understand its simplicity."(UNIX是非常简单的,但需要天才来明白它的简洁性).


----[ 2.2 (* (*) (*) ) John McCarthy

1927年9月4日,JMC出生于波士顿的一个东欧犹太移民家庭,他很早就表现出了数学方面的天赋,青少年时期开始自学加州理工的大学数学教科书,使他能在进入加州理工学习时跳过前两年的数学学习.他于1951年在普林斯顿大学获得数学博士学位,是John Nash的同学.1955年,他提出了人工智能概念.1956年JMC组织了10名当时的顶级黑客(包括AI大师Marvin Minsky,信息论的Claude Shannon,Herbert Simon,Allen Newell)在Dartmouth进行了为期2个月的研讨会,此次会议上“AI”这个名词诞生了,JMC也成为了早期犹太科技兄弟会的发起人之一.

JMC相信人工智能需要交互.1958年,他发明了最早的高级语言之一Lisp,Lisp也是世界上第二古老的计算机高级语言,Lisp自从诞生之日就成为了AI研究最流行的语言,一直持续到1980年代的符号主义浪潮后才有其他计算机语言可以在AI领域和它匹敌.JMC和他的学生也因为当时很多人批评Lisp的效率没有汇编语言高而开发了分时系统;1959年的那篇名为Programs with Common Sense[5]的文章则成为了历
史上第一篇以逻辑的方法来论述AI实现和程序设计的论文,JMC把Alonzo Church的lambda演算完美的带入了Lisp,这一引入导致了至今所有的计算机语言都是基于lambda演算的形式化系统,lambda演算是个很有趣的hack而且和可计算性理论有很大的关系,据说当年AC最早发明lambda的灵感来源于一个再简单不过的数学表达式如下:

A,y=x^2+2x+1 B,y=(x+1)^2 A=B



那么现在A!=B,所以以上的公式是有问题的,进过了很长时间的研究最终Alonzo Church发明了lambda演算.scheme中的lambda可以接受4中表达式现在轮到lambda表达式出场了:

lambda-exp ::= {constant} 常量
|{varibale} 变量
|{lambda-exp1} {lambda-exp2} 把表达式计算后传给第二个表达式
|lambda {variable} . {lambda-exp}


----[ 2.2 自由哲学的布道家 Richard Matthew Stallman

1953年3月16日,RMS出生于纽约的一个犹太家庭,他最早接触计算机是高中时在IBM的纽约科学中心,他在那年夏天受雇编写Fortran语言的数值分析程序,几个礼拜后RMS完成了这个程序之后整个夏天都在编写APL文本编辑器,在余下的高中时代RMS都在为运行在IBM System/360的PL/I语言编写预处理器.在这段时间中,RMS也是洛克菲勒大学生物系的实验室志愿者,虽然他当时的hacking正在转向到数学和物理领域,但洛克菲勒大学的教授仍然认为他会成为一名生物学家.1974年,RMS获得哈佛大学物理学士学位,之后作为研究生进入MIT人工只能实验室编写程序.1983年,由于RMS无法容忍软件版权对自由的限制正式发起了GNU计划,1984年,RMS从MIT人工智能实验室辞职,即使在经济拮据到没钱购买计算机时他仍然坚持晚上偷偷溜进实验室编写代码,RMS当时的GNU计划的目标是打造一套从操作系统到工具链(编译器,编辑器,etc)可以替代传统UNIX的平台,而这个平台则完全开放源代码给任何人,1985年的GNU宣言中谈到了自由软件运动的目的就是为了保证用户对软件二进制程序和源代码享有自由拷贝,自由阅读,自由修改和自由重新发布的权利,软件源代码的封闭就好比你想你的邻居索取一份可口食物的食谱,而你的邻居因为邪恶的版权而不能给你,这种道德困境的确是违反了"Love your neighbor as yourself(爱人如己)"的原则.

1989年,RMS和一群律师起草了GNU Public Licence从法律的层面保证了软件源代码的自由,自由软件GPL的模式如今已经从原有的软件领域渗透到开放硬件和艺术领域,产生了Creative Common(创造共享)的许可证来保证文档,音乐,电影和游戏的使用自由.今天的自由软件社区已经强大到坚不可摧的地步,GNU几乎影响到了很多领域,整个嵌入式领域几乎是以GNU toolchains(编译器gcc,调试器gdb,汇编器
自由软件至今对于大众来讲还是比较陌生的概念,不过这并不重要,正所谓"曲高和寡,去低和众".2009年,在北京和RMS有一次见面,一位朋友询问RMS关于早期遇到的困难有何感想,RMS的回答很轻松:to me, it's easy.这正是一位伟大黑客所具备的强势心理的特征-_-


front-end:词法分析,语法分析,语义分析,etc传统计算机语言编译器都会涉及的部分,目前gcc前端支持的语言众多,C/C++, Fortran, Java,etc..

mid-end:将front-end分析的结果翻译成一种intermedia language,从中间语言的形态来看可以理解为lisp的brohter or a sexy/beautiful/amazing sister,至于她sexy/beautiful/amazing在什么地方,对于常常胡乱吹嘘神哲学的Shawn认为有两点:1,这种intermedia language就是lisp的改版(这不是bullshit吗) 2,GNU
compilers支持很多语言,比如c,cpp,java,fortran,etc,但在GNU compilers看来他们之间唯一的区别在于front-end,不管C还是java只要经过了front-end的处理就会形成同一中intermedia language,而做优化工作的hacker就可以直接通过hacking intermedia language来达到自己的目的.

back-end:这部分主要是把intermedia language翻译成特定CPU平台的汇编代码和最终的执行代码op-code,中端做算法上的优化,而后端则做机器特性的优化.

所以这样看来,mid-end是最sexy的,即方便了hacker们的工作(实用主义)又不失编译器的优雅(lisp),gcc虽然不是完全的标准C,但也算是"业界标准"了.linuxkernel的源代码中使用了很多gcc内嵌汇编的特性,所谓GNU/Linux本质上就说linux kernel被GNU给"绑架"了.今天大部分的嵌入式产品都是基于GNU/Linux开发的,只是很多公司并没有遵循GPL许可证,即没有对社区进行回馈,这种公司是被邪恶的贪婪所占据的.


----[ 2.3 黑客伦理的见证人 John Carmack

1970年8月20日出生于堪萨斯城,JC的传奇人生在Master Of DOOM(DOOM启世录)中已经有详细的描述,JC是id software的创始人,3D射击游戏之父,也是著名的DOOM和Quake系列游戏的缔造者,关于JC和id software的历史对于old school黑客都很熟悉,所以Shawn不打算在这里介绍.

JC对技术的狂热超过了很多黑客,不管对游戏引擎设计,汽车改装和火箭都抱有无限的热情,JC对黑客伦理的坚持和对专利制度的痛恨是值得我们关注的,按照id software的传统,JC会定期的把以前的游戏源代码以GPL的形式公布,这样做的目的是帮助更多的社区开发者可以更好的开发游戏,目前(2011年12月)id software已经公布了Doom 3的源代码,JC甚至在QuakeCon 2011大会上还挑战其他游戏开发者开放以前的游戏的源代码.id玩家社区不同于其他任何游戏社区,几乎所有oldschool的技术社区都可以找到id玩家,id玩家是这个星球上最具创造性的一帮黑客,他们在DOOM和Quake世界里的death match的热情同样也发挥到了其他的领域.


--[ 3. 他们都是伟大的黑客

如果说"摆地摊"的Steve Jobs(黑客们更欣赏那个在车库里hacking的Jobs)改变了世界,那Dennis Ritchie就创造了世界,而John McCarthy则是沿着他的老师Alonzo Church的道路给予了后来的黑客们创造世界的可能性.RMS缔造了一个庞大的系统工程,这个工程透过技术和哲学把世界上最愿意探索事物本质的黑客联系在了一起,JC则开创了3D游戏的时代和通过id文化继续影响着更多年轻的生命.如果说今天全世界有3亿人记得Steve Jobs的话,那后面的4位黑客能被人记住的总数可能连JObs的1%都不到,这里Shawn可以给你一个预测,24年以后记住Jobs的人可能会减少50%,36年以后能记住Jobs的可能只有今天的0.1%,但记住DMR,JMC,RMS,JC的人数在未来30年都不会有太大的变化,如果从稍远一点来看,Steve Jobs的影响在整
个历史的进化史上只是昙花一现,只不过是通过一些现在看起来比较酷的new school产品来吸引大众的目光,而DMR,JMC和RMS的影响不是仅仅是在实用的层面上,而更多的是在方法论的层面上;对于JC,他那独特的黑客生命即使在黑客圈里也是罕见,一旦被他影响的家伙就像是被solanum病毒传染了一样无法停止探索新的事物直到生命的结束.

----[ 3.1 但死亡却是我们的共同点

> .
> +--------+ .
> | A | .
> +------+--------+-------+
| M | E | N |
> +------------------------+
> | |
> | |
> | |
> | |
| |

--[ 4. 永恒性 Vs 时代性

Shawn一直在强调这个时代性的背景是科技,没有弄清楚时代精神的结果只能是被财团系统所奴役,这个世界的变化如次的快,昨天的enemy变成了今天的bitch,昨天的哲学成为了今天的技术,昨天的科学成为了今天的工程,昨天的old school变成为了今天的new school,在这种极具变化的过程中作为hacker的态度应该是什么样呢?

Keep hacking!这里Shawn列举两段强两希社区关于面对时代性变化的回答:

1, KK在What Technology Wants中引用了犹太教拉比Zalman Schachter-Shalomi的话:"There is more good than evil in the world--but not by much.(这个世界上善比恶要多一些,但多不了多少.)" --- 以此来说明我们拥抱新的技术是唯一的选择.

2, 希伯来旧约圣经以赛亚书43∶18-19: 耶 和 華 如 此 說,你們不要記念從前的事,也不要思想古時的事.看哪,我要作一件新事,如今要發現,你們豈不知道麼,我必在曠野開道路,在沙漠開江河.

如果以技术进化的轨迹来看,永恒性代表总原则,在总原则的引导下,在特定的时间刻度里具体实施阶段中的某个过程称为时代性,也就是说时代性是永恒性旨意的一个片段,要搞懂时代性就必须去永恒性那里寻找答案,世界各大宗教(包括启示宗教---犹太教,基督教,伊斯兰教)都在探讨关乎"永恒"的话题,从理性层面上看,能否验证永恒性原则带出的方法论是否是真理取决于时代性的背景的方法论.这个题目需要太多的时间去探讨,即使是face to face的philosophical conversation,Shawn也没有能力完全谈论清楚这个问题.





May L0rd's hacking spirit guide us!!!

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