Friday, May 02, 2008

FOS is a fuc* awesome band

everything is boring in the days,except that fucking shit good band----Forest Of Shadows that give you a shock then u would be wondering why a doom metal can be very impressed I mean the creavitivity.

Eternal Autumn


I hate boring as?life goes by the books(routines) recently.get up->breakfast->read Bible->get to work->write codes->write docs->talk with customers->*->go home->shower->read->visit pornie site(sometimes)->phonecall from girl(my sweety)->go to bed->read->sleep<=>get up

I have plan to learning computing ess that I will use 2 books SICP and The Scheme programming lang,3rd edition.One of my another plan is to build a "HackerFellowship" in the year.Hope Lord will help me .

3 stages:
1,I am something.(sucks,absolutely Im here)
2,I am nothing.
3,God is everything!!!

my Lord Jesus,please killlll my weakness!

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