Thursday, May 29, 2008

"make" correct Jflash

LIke as a Shawn the R0ck(St.Augestine@copyleft) said"Even though we are going to see Lord tonight,but we still have to read the sicence magazine in the morning,write code in day,play quake at afternoon.Then having dinner and sleep for a while..."Whatever earthquake My life still going on.

My arm board is samsung 2440 V3(400MHZ 64 NAND FLASH).I play with it today.Firstable,I have to extract the Jflash(jtag tool) to a Folder.Before you guys run "make" to Jflash's makefile that there are 2 things you need to do.
1,Because I used FC8 distro,so I have to modify a file of ppt.h.Use #include "sys/io.h" instead of #include "asm/io.h".

2,you have to modify somes lines from jtag.h,this is my file after modified:
#ifndef __JTAG_H__
#define __JTAG_H__

#include "ppt.h"

#define LOW '0'
#define HIGH '1'

// Pin Connections
// TCK :DATA[0] (2)
// TDI :DATA[1] (3)
// TMS :DATA[2] (4)
// TDO :STATUS[7] (11)

//#define TCK_H 0x01
#define TDI_H 0x02
//#define TMS_H 0x04
#define TCK_L 0x00
#define TDI_L 0x00
#define TMS_L 0x00
#define JTAG_SET(value) OutputPpt(value)

ok,then you go "make".

BTW:I found a good free software for Bible Study:GnomeSword You also can use a command to install:yum install gnomesword

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