Saturday, May 10, 2008

Concert from *

It's long time I have not been to concert.We got a rock show yesterday that it is awesome.Too busy in the days I lost music in myself.Thank God sent this band here.Music drive u to think about what is ur purpose of life.As a computer guy,it's too hard to know music from a Great Musician---Bach.A friend's always said that Bach's music let u know about how powerful creation by God.Saddly,I prefer to listening other baroque music.

Jared is a good guy and a singer.This ablum writen by Jared when he travelling around the world.From Africa,Jerusalem,JiuZhaiGou,Xiamen,HongKong,Mexico and USA.U can download his songs here if u want to miss a beautiful stuff.

btw:The greatest Gaming life---DOOM is start to developing new one(DOOM4) by id tech5 engine.U guy could see id software.The 13th QuakeCon is coming but I dont have enough cash can bring me there.Hope can get fun in the 20th QuakeCon :)

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