Saturday, April 12, 2008

to be a your mind

Everybody should be a hacker that order to Hacker ethic.Im damn exciting about that someone told me he is a music hacker.

In age of agriculture,Augestine and many great philosophers created methodology and ethic that called pre-Protestant ethic about 1600 years ago.They didnt know why God always work hard.

In industrial age,people has create Protestant ethic that gave us big influence on earth.Many of us work begin at 9am end at 5pm that was a part of Protestant ethic.

Since 1989,the Information age(globalization) was begining.But the current ethic which can be get used to Information age that is vacancy.What should we do?bravely,To making the methodology and ethics like our fathers.Hacker ethic is that choice that we have to responsible for God and cultural mission which mentioned from The Holy Bible.

Come on,join us.Share information,freeing and opening.To be a hacker(music hacker,architect hacker,computer hacker,kitchener hacker,etc).Hacker should become the man who
living in the future and defining the future.

By Shawn the R0ck


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