Friday, April 29, 2011

rock climbing --- a type of hack

I made a list which is a hacking plan in June 2009. It's almost 2 years for now. My hacking is still running by the list. Let's make a short version of that list. There are 3 stages that I have to finish on the road of old school hacking.

1, (2010)Learning GNU/Linux and start doing with a real engineering project which related to data-communication fields, such as developing the product of switch, router, etc.

2, (2011)Start to hack the security part of data-communication field. I'm on this stage now. So I need to get a job like that. Perhaps I'm going to work for a local the biggest security next week.

3, (2013)When above 2 stages done. I will spend my hacking time on server security that means the world of the art of exploits will be open up to me.

It's a not very long plan. It only cost 3--5 years of my life. I looked into the ezine at first time in 2004. But I have no idea what was it talking about. The technique and philosophy are so hard to me. Thank God, I got phrack ezine again last Aug. These high quality papaers might help a lot in my hacking journey.

I resigned my prev job 2 weeks ago. I don't work for money. That would be terrified to those managers who just want to hire a good monkey-coders by a good salary. I think that money as a only reason for work is a stupid of life. Think about that, 40 percents (maybe more) of your life are going to cost by work. What would hacker do? (another version of WWJD?-_-) You tell me.

Today, another "aha" was that I have my first experienced on rock-climbing. Matt (he is a ROR programmer) as a ranger that he lead the way and I followed. I was feeling real great in that 2 hrs of rock-climbing. We have been hacking stuffs (programming and more) on mountain for days. I'm hacking on a paper about SMM rootkit from the 65th issues of phrack mag. Maybe I could share about it in the future.

May LORD's hacking spirit guide us!!!

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