Friday, February 04, 2011

got "What Technology Wants"

before I was started this trip,I googled the mainstream bookstore in hk about KK's new book-What Technology Wants but the final result was no inventory.I was upset and started to think a question,if i should just break my current paradigm(pay for cash) to pay online for this book at once.sound like a dinosaur still living on the planet,right?but thank GOD,my wife finally found this book in the city.What Technology Wants would give you a precise way of explaining that how technology have been affecting our history and the future.The whole history of technological things is run by a kind of organic co-evolution system.That kind of system would never be stopped or influenced by personal human's willing.I think KK's world view is going to bring me into a world which can get closer to the type of world view in planetary.I just finished the 1st chapter of the book reading.At the end of the 1st chapter ,KK mentioned about autonomy's definition.That was really interesting.It reminds me another stuff that our conversation going to be fucked if we dont have a accurate terms.

Met friends in person,watched the video of sci-fi science,and walked down the seaside with my beautiful wife and enjoyed delicious food(sushi,seafood,of course my favorite beef),that's all I have done in past 9 days vacation.

btw:Im writting this blog with my 1st macbook.Dont blame me,dude!Im not RMS or kind of person who are enthusiasm in pure free software.This macbook is for my wife's daily use in most time.I just take a while and look into the macintosh sometimes.To me,GNU/Linux is still my favorite platform.Amen!

This is my precious!


Does uncle Mario has something to do with namco?WHT~~~

But I love Uncle Mario.Plumber probably was the most famous occupation of the kids's dream.

Did I become a experimental object of namco?daahhh...

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