Sunday, June 19, 2011

cloud,cloud,cloud---we will be one~WTH

Technology is changing our lives. And, it will not wait for those who don't want to learn the new hacks. After keeping thinking in past 8 months then I have to say: to embrace the technology is my only option. This world doesn't care my purpose of life but I do care. There must be some reasons that I was born in 1986 nor 1968. And there are also some reasons that I was born in this era. Yes, I have HOPE for eternal world. It doesn't mean I'm going to wait for death. Because I want to know more about this world, so I have to deal with complex system. Why? It's the 21st century-:)

wait, What the hell is Complex System? I don't want a kind of bullshit answer that includes a bunch of words I never heard. Unfortunately, I have to learn these new stuff if I need to understand what the hell of the CS(not computer science-_-) really is. I heard the term "complex system" at first time in KK's old book(Out of Control). And, one of friends told me about it's an amazing field because it was born in a fresh'en air of the cross fields. Then I started to read books about CS and try to find out a type of technology philosophy for myself:
Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World, COMPLEXITY: THE EMERGING SCIENCE AT THE EDGE OF ORDER AND CHAOS, Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity, What Technology Wants and The Quark and the Jaguar: Adventures in the Simple and the Complex

These books are really fascinating. Some of ideas drives me into some kind of deeper thinking. Is this world designed by SOMEONE or it just evolved for billions of years until now? Or the evolve mechanism has been designed and then it follows the seed principle? How can God design a "imperfect" human brain that it get used to process the "static" paradigms(simplicity) which the informations come from a "dynamic" world(complexity)? Is 1+1+1=3 means a linear paradigm(reductionism?) and 1*1*1=1 means a non-linear paradigm(wholism?)? Will biological creatures have advantages over the mechanical ones? I don't have answers yet. I'm going to keep hacking on CS fields. I think the current epochal characters are science and technology. And the CS is one of the keys(important one) to open the gate of truth for this century.

Cloud computing is definitely a complex system which was born not long ago.Cloud will integrate all information technologies into one. Network systems, server security, mobile, entertainment,etc. I splited the cloud users into some catagories:

--[ 1 As a normal user, each android or iphone users have a great experience of how wonderful service in cloud. Eg: gaming, watching tv, import your user from gmail into android,etc...

--[ 2 As a enterprise user, you can build bunch of management systems(sales, stores, financial,etc) into one where running on the cloud servers. You don't need to care about security or backup stuffs. You can hire someone( to build your own apps.And you also could do the data analyze when you have enough data.

--[ 3 As a system administrator, using free softwares to build up a big cloud that it's possible. And dive into hardware hacking level is a good idea too. Eg, Google using cheap x86 platform build a great system, skynet?

--[ 4 As a security hacker, you have to face the evolving of the server-end. The most changes are about virtualization. You have to get used to it. Virtualizations making server stronger and flexibility to defend crackers. Remember that clound have powerful computing resources which means apply some kind of AI is possible.

Maybe there are more types of users who are using cloud service. I can't list them all here. The matter I want to emphasize that the cloud has already a complete eco-system and it will bring more convenient(cheap) services in the future. Every apps and users are affecting each other and co-evolution is happening. A single user is like a unconscious molecule cell in a group of people(tissues). A group of people as a unconscious tissue in a upper-level maybe it's organ. You can see more diversities in a higher level abstraction. The most important thing is "emergent property". Eg, like a unconscious cell, a neuron is nothing to do with free will. But free will and consciousness will show up when 100 billions of neurons built a trillions of connections. Dahhh, sorry about that I should not use these ecology terms with my nonfluent english. Do you really know what I am talking about? I'm doubting that, because I have no idea what i am talking about-_-

Guffing around my thought is fun. About the answers, I hope you can drop me a line if you want. The conversation is always welcomed in my philosophy!

may L0rd's hacking spirit guide us!!!

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