Saturday, July 28, 2007

fcking busy,recently

Because of work's factor that I have to turn back to the Windows development.Thanks Mr.Hou's book which the Dissecting MFC written by him.I was alway dont like MFC framework before.But I begin to change my mind about MFC that is not really bad that I thought.Actually,Microsoft's developers were design a lot of strange macro of shit right there that just for skip the C++ nature flaw which all OOP langs waste many memory storage if the classes inheritance level more than 4 .

Damn fucking busy!I dont wanna talk about that shit.I will get start to read the Augstine's book that The City of God and Augstine's Confessions next week that means I have to spending more time than now.FATHER,please teaching me how do the Time-Management as well!Sometimes,I really think about that I was give up a job that can get 4K RMB salary per a month and chosen the 1.2k's salary,is it worthy it?The shit was shit.Im a fucking cheap labor.

Perhaps like as a frend said,"you need a lot of money to buy a house and to marry,dont just thinking about some useless things(he point out the philosophy)."He is right in his point of view at least.But I belevied everyone is unique when God created us.I will obey Lord and never been a look like a "average man" here.

FATHER,just for fun is too hard for OpenSource in China.I knew the ess stuff of just for fun that is Glory to you in my job and my life.I will stick to busting my ass to fight for ya.Because you die on cross for my sin about 2000 years ago.Shawn the R0ck will never ever obey the world.Shawn the R0ck doomed to a guy who is counterculture.And the name of Shawn the R0ck is a beautiful gift which You given to me.I appreciate for you alway given everything what I need.It's a beautiful letdown recently.More disappoint on earth,more hope on you that maybe out of and out of the Universe.

Actually,I need you pray honestly.


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