Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why dont you forget your first-love(girl)?

I saw my FL at afternoon.I really wanna say "hello" when saw her but I did not. Why?This is a frenk'in pretty question.

If JZY's boy friend has to step down from her for whatever reason, I am ready to take on the position. Why am I the perfect candidate (in my own mind)?

When I was a mid-school fresh I told my self that I wanted to make a pickupline to Jzy(My first-L).Advisedly,I made a decision that cause of she given 3 rejection to my honest heart of invite which to be my girl firend,I thought becase my fail to plan and my plan to fail.All of my problem was EQ it's not good enough at that time.My soul told myself,"There are 6 billion people in this world,if one-tenth of 1% of them wanted to get beauties like JZY,that would still be 6 million people.Do you really think you're pretter than 6 million people?"

Why dont you forget your fist-love?
Shawn:Because I missing the feeling when I though this is my first love.

OK, dream over. Back to work.

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