Monday, December 11, 2006

Why I choose Java Enterprise Technology to learning?

I getted start to study the course about software development 2 years ago.Firstable I was learn the C++ which the part of non-Object Oriented.In early 2006,I start to used the OO C++ that can write some simple case.And I have to choose a solution to learn for cash.Actually I got 2 choice:Java or .NET.But I go forward to study both of development platform in the same time.Almostly I just write some simple code that based on J2SE and Winform.When I reconized that neither solution cant figure enterprise's problem out as quickly as possible that I start to thinking about go further.J2EE is a better choice that I thought.Becuase of Sun Microsystem announced that J2SE and J2ME will be open source code which based on GPLv2 license.You known what,J2EE include many module but all of basically architecture are J2SE.It will be better for developer.

If you read here,maybe you would be thinking about why I give up .NET?Cause of I went some seminar about Windows Vista development that I understood Microsoft wanna make the desktop development to easier.But I prefer solve the enterprise's problem to personal.Windows Vista's user experience and some grand new things looks like good(especially the WPF and CardSpace).But I have to say "no one is perfect".Like as some security provider claim that Windows Vista is still need anti-virus tools even the anti-spyware tools.

Im so sorry about my English gramar.Please help me to correct if you found some error.

God bless you and have a good day!!!


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