Monday, December 18, 2006


Master of Doom的最后一章John Carmack谈到:
In the information age,the barriers just aren't there.The barriers are self-imposed.If you want to set off and go develop some grand new thing,you dont need millions of dollars of capitalization.You need enough pizza and Diet Coke to stick in your refrigerator,a cheap PC to work on,and the dedication to go through with it.We slept on floors.We waded across rivers.

某次访谈John Carmack说:
游戏的程序就是一行行的代码,需要你的灵魂才能赋予它以生命,有了生命的游戏才能带给大家快乐,也才能给你所想要的,你的游戏是你的热情,是你的汗水,是你的喜怒哀乐,是你的梦想,你的游戏,其实就是你自己. 我从未度过没有编程的一天,这就是我的全部.

昨天看Bible时有一段经文很不错,在撒木耳记下(2 Samuel):
22:3 我的神,我的磐石,我所投靠的。他是我的盾牌,是拯救我的角,是我的高台,是我的避难所。我的救主阿,你是救我脱离强暴的。
The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.

22:4 我要求告当赞美的耶和华,这样,我必从仇敌手中被救出来。
I will call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

今天开始看Intoduction to Algorithm(Second Edition),在Preface里作者根据针对不同的人群有了不同的建议,这里摘录To Professionals:
The wide range of topics in this book makes it an excellent handbook on algorithms. Because each chapter is relatively self-contained, you can focus in on the topics that most interest you.

Most of the algorithms we discuss have great practical utility. We therefore address implementation concerns and other engineering issues. We often provide practical alternatives to the few algorithms that are primarily of theoretical interest.

If you wish to implement any of the algorithms, you will find the translation of our pseudocode into your favorite programming language a fairly straightforward task. The pseudocode is designed to present each algorithm clearly and succinctly. Consequently, we do not address error-handling and other software-engineering issues that require specific assumptions about your programming environment. We attempt to present each algorithm simply and directly without allowing the idiosyncrasies of a particular programming language to obscure its essence.

偶然间在某XX的blog上看到了David Chappell在TechEd-Boston(2006)上的话:
If you are a developer, and you don’t like change, you should get out of this business as early as possible.

If you are a Developer, you should always reset yourself, reset what you learn and do thing before, fundamentally.

看到了一个问Java创始人James Gosling的问题,从他的名字和他喜欢的音乐类型来看他或许是位弟兄,不过也有可能只是受了文化的影响:
What are your favourite music bands/performers/compositors?
I tend to like folk musicians: Christine Lavin, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger…


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