Saturday, May 16, 2009

gothic art

Im confused about yin-yang puzzle in the week.because of it contains a new feature(to me) which called advanced property beat it!Im going to figure it out in future scheme newbie project.ooh~yeah,I have collected some gothic known,gothic is my favorite taste.I enjoy sharing the art of darkness with you guys.I think the motivation of invent the great art must be glorify God.Man are created to interpreting the world,of course,the art.Even though I dont know about what was the authors thinking of it when they guys were painting and drawing.But I still gonna be interpreted what I think of the pictures.But like as Stephen Tong said,"hermeneutic is only one kind among so many kinds of your own interpretation,because you are interpreting so you are never can jump out your limitation of your own subjectivity and your own boundary.".

Anyway,Im just a man.Tell me what you think if you think that my view of point was wrong.Welcome to the conversation!!!


everyone dreams a beautiful angel.I got my angel now:)

we are never looking back,even though we cant see the light of heaven,but we were not resoluted fallen to hell.

we human beings are pilgarlics.we can not find God by reason of limitation.人类不可能靠有限的理性去探寻无限的上帝,背离真理就如用脚踢刺,撞得头破血流,然后上帝向我们说bye-byte.

we are swallowed up by skyscrapers.we living the world of lies,hypocrsy,nominal "fashion",material desire............we have to asking for forgiveness.


Culture uses art to dream the death of beautiful woman.quote from who?

as you see,a perfect metal girl

is she sexy?u tell me

the light,hope is always out there.

simplicity and elegant!

i hate the fu*king environment pullution,is that means?

we are pieces played by this world system,evolution system which written in Arostole's book.the system never care about your life whether has meaningful or not.


look at mirror,your heart there?

sisters hood~none of my business

beautiful bride

see through your heard in dark


hell?the place,that we cant imagine what really it is by our fallen-reasoning

can you face your heart,honestly.To asking what you afraid of and what is your purpose of your life?

pretty fresh a little bit

the city(world) is big.the world doesnt care about your purpose of your life.but you have to responsible for it.

what the frenk'in means?

i dont know.......

the movie---Into the Wild,that you should see it

Gothic girls

Gothic Cathedral


I wanna live here.


someday future,you will be alone.

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