Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

This is new year,or just another despiration?

There are 2 things should be celebrate for new year:
1,The Baldur's Gate was a very old computer game which based on DND rule.Im very exciting to hear about Baldur's Gate will be a movie that made by xxxx company.
2,I was talking to the founder of Hackerdom Training Program---Hongfong.Probably I will going to HTP to learn at end of this year.I have frenk'in strong intrested about scheme and other low-level tech that can changing the world.The pretty brand new OS which named of Ming OS that created by Hongfen will be show up in Europe expo in March.The MingOS has a pretty new concept of OS design that use 4 rings(Linux,windows,both used 2 rings---krl mode and usr mode) are 0-meta-kernel,1-customized kernel,2-usr programming level,3-recvied the data from network(sound like distributed network).


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