Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I dont know what should I write here.Talk about the history of Christmas?or talk about what I have done a little bit of shit in 2007.Lord,why did u forsake me?O Lord,dont be far away!

Jared was go home last last week~ED moved to a new hood~GreenBean must growing bigger~Chris and Leah still enjoy the beautfiul life~....hhhh..what about me?...Im pretty busy recently.work on day,hacking the kernel code at night.And deal with how get start my business in rest of day.....I feeling frenk'in weakness now...but Lord Jesus,I still love you.It's not every Christian has the breave heart to spend all life for cultural mission,freedom...democracy...~~Fear is the weakness of hummanility.But Bible mentioned about 365 times "do not afraid!" that means we should tell ourseleves very day at once.Even though a lot of Christian chose that "give up",I would not obey this fucking world!!!

2007...a lot of people who were a democracy guys but now not a warroir anymore...more friends of mine choose obey the "world" that just foucs on how to making money...The enemy still there,very powerful..impressively..but Shawn the R0ck will choose the side of God who created these enemy.MY LORD,thanks for create our enemy that make me strongger!!!

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