Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Does anyone tell me that Linkinpark==Christian band

I have read a article about Linkinpark's faith that said is below:

Linkin Park is NOT a Christian band.

This was an old assumption people made because they toured with P.O.D. and didn't curse on 'Hybrid Theory'. [Phoenix, however used to be in a Christian punk band called the Snax.] The actual religious makeup of the band is quite scattered. Brad and Rob are Jewish, Chester has his own "really unique views" on religion (which means he prob doesn't belong to any particular religion), Mike was raised in "a really, really liberally Protestant church" and Joe was raised "in [a] little more conservative Christian church". When asked about religion and spiritual advice, Linkin Park have told kids to ask their parents, not them.

As for the lack of "cursing" on the "Hybrid Theory" album - there's no real reason for it. Linkin Park wrote honest lyrics and what came out; came out. They have also said that they didn't want to slack on the writing or take the easy way out by spewing a bunch of curse words on any given song. As for other songs and albums, they HAVE cursed and they may do it again. This wouldn't be a big deal but thanks to the 1st album being curse-free and having such mainstream success, it has become an issue for some people. No one would question Korn's use of the word "fuck", so why question LP's?! Either way Lp's music is always honest and good.

Probably they were CHristian band if you have listen these album that called Minutes to Midnight.And some friends of mine told me that they are not a Christian band.Who can give me a hundred-percent answer?


Anonymous said...

im a lp fan and i know them enough to know their band is not a christian band ..they are more on the feelings and "emo" side which is not christian one or two are christian though like the catalyst

Unknown said...

i love LP! now tht i kno tht there not a christian band idk if im going 2 be able 2 listen 2 them
anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

Guys, it's pretty obvious that Linkin Park is not a Christian band. I have listened to various songs by them and some may seem spiritual, but some of them are just hardcore rock songs. But when it comes down to it, it is not "emo" either, they just sing and play for their fans because they want to set their mark on the world. I am a Catholic and I love listening to their music, nobody has a problem with them, and if they're not a Christian band, then so what? Music is music, there is nothing wrong with listening to them. God will not punish you for listening to music that is not dedicated to him, nowhere in the Bible did God or Jesus tell people they cannot listen to any form of music that is not spiritual. Listen to them because you love their music and you are a supporter of their new found style of music.

Anonymous said...

But what about songs that glorify what God says is evil. For the most part I see nothing wrong with LP's songs except for a select few.

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