Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fuck off,mfc!

Because of my manager want to sign a contract with me which will work for company for 1 year.I was directed tell him "no".Why?It mean that I have to work with mfc if I agree with contract.Finally,I was quit today.Great!It's time to say goodbye to Microsoft Development.Im looking for a new job about Linux Development.Im fed up with that MSDN always told me that what is seem like but not what is it when I tried to know a implement of function.

Some friends of mine warning are below:
1,hey,Shawn.You're just a newbie programmer.You should stay right there for 1 more year.
2,wow,Shawn.Good job is not easy to get.

God is my friend.I have nothing to worry about.I will busting my ass to fight with Free Software just for Glory to God.LOrd,it's worthy to praise you whatever situation we got.

BTW:I have hang out a little id player who name is Kaio.I have seen some pure game mind by him like myself before.It's awesome!b2L9 invited LOrd Jesus into his life last month.Praise the Lord!!!

辞职了,感觉很爽,今年第一次有越狱成功的感觉,2007年让Shawn更加看清楚上帝为Shawn所预备的路,路途艰险,敌人很强大,但是创造敌人乃至世界的那位上帝愿意与Shawn同在,Shawn会怎么选择?Shawn绝对不会顺从这个世界.感谢J. R. R. Tolkien写了那部The Silmarillion,让Shawn明白了很多圣经的隐喻,感谢主医治Sara,感谢主在老刘和Jeff身上做工,感谢主老板很理解Shawn的选择....



Jabka Atu said...

Good luck ,
I know this is abit late but still good luck.

It is actualy interesting to know the use of FOSS in Asia (AFAIK it is pretty developed there ).

Regards ,...

Jabka Atu

Unknown said...

hi,bro.it's never too late for say "good luck":)

I really have no idea about how FOSS degree of developed in Asia.But I think the best seminar of Open Source
is in BLUG(http://www.beijinglug.org/en/index.php).

I heard about HK and Tokoyo's LUG are too boring Because of they just talking about how to installition sound like that.

Hope this info could give you help.God bless you!!!