Sunday, September 09, 2007

Switchfoot is great

Switchfoot的歌鼓励了N多人包括Shawn,希望大家也喜欢.最近让Shawn感到最不可思议的事情是Evin居然也喜欢Switchfoot,由于Evin曾经告诉过Shawn不喜欢U2,但Shawn的确想推荐Christian band给Evin.感谢主,只有您可以办到.

Dare you to move,this song encouraged me and a lot of friends of mine for fight.

24,let you known who are you~Yes,Christian is the second man

This is your life,welcome to the planet...

On fire,catch on fire is not just happend game's bug

meant to live,great song


Shadow Proves The Sunshine

A Walk to remember - Only hope

PS:I love Evin with all my heart.But I love Lord Jesus more!

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