Monday, May 28, 2007

Linux kernel is a inscrutable stuff

I have been learning linux kernel about 1 week ago.Jeff taught me that how to tapping the funny stuff of linux kernel.But you known,when you really getted start with it that you will recognize that shit work need a lot of basically knowledge like as computer architecture,data structure and OS machansism.For example,if you try to get to know what is ess of PCI-bus that you have to known some DS stuff like LIST and trees.PCI-bus initialization looks like a LIST,yes~it's ture,actually in microcosmic DS graph it's a LIST.But you can recognize that is a multi-tree when you dig into kernel deep enough.

I remember the book of The Art of Unix Programming mentioned about that Data Structure is more important in computer engineering even than algorithm.Thank God!I have retrived my creativity and passion.I will stick to learning about that shit of computer essential until...maybe 20 years~Jeff is right,PC is just one of thousands of machines,but robot era is coming and it's really happend in this world.Computer is stupid that it is just do 3 things when it started:1,get instruction 2,execute instruction 3,check the interruption

By the way,about commercialization of our club.We were discuss all the night,but the final answer : The concept of trader in human beings of IT.

PS:never stop learning,never stop thinking~Heave Metal drive me to thinking.It's awesome!!!

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