Friday, April 27, 2007

mplayer's FAQ


I've just installed MPlayer. When I want to open a video file it causes a fatal error:

Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

How can I solve my problem?


Just change your video output device. Issue the following command to get a list of available video output drivers:

mplayer -vo help

After you've chosen the correct video output driver, add it to your configuration file. Add

vo = selected_vo 

to ~/.mplayer/config and/or

vo_driver = selected_vo 

to ~/.mplayer/gui.conf.


最近发生N多事情,有朋友刚回来又有朋友要离开,这2天心情还真TM的不太爽,明天和GP去weight room发泄一下.早上起来心态浮躁不想写程序,连quake也不想玩,这种状态TMM的还从来没在Shawn身上发生过,只好去看Holy Bible.

今天有看了一遍:A Gamer's Day.

今天和duoxing谈了一些开源方面的话题,也包括Linux Usergroup,我们需要继续努力.

LOrd Jesus,please give us strength and courage to busting our ass fight to the end till glory to you.

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