Friday, April 20, 2007

The migration of dev-platform is succeed!!!

Because of Im tried to installing solaris10 which from harddisk boot that I got error,my Windows's data are crashed.I would not reinstall windows again---actually I choose the Linux.I wanted to going to Linux world a long time,but I scared about that cant not get used to new platform.Thank God destroyed my windows through solaris's event.My pc can run any software what I need to use in my Linux system now(like as gtalk,quake,gcc,netbeans,tomcat and mysql).This was my first time to follow my heart to
try new shit for Linux,in facto,I should called funny stuff.

I was playing Quake III:Areana in Linux today.q3 stay with me more than 7 years that's really cool shit.Nowadays,game is not like chasing essentail things like as gameplay can get some id's stuff right here

Thank some authors that I never even get to known.They given me a big help to install tomcat and mysql.Here's chinese edtion:

Now,I can tell my friends that I will not use privacy software anymore.Thank Linux and OpenSource Community!

I will going to concert tonight and hang out with some friends.Perhaps Chris will be there tomorrow.I've looking forward to hanging to him a long time.But I've a little scared that he will blame me about Im smoke a lot recently.shit~unexpectedly,Im scared a man.Whatever reason thank Chris taught me a lot.

all right,bullshit over,back to sleep.

PS:I tried to installing Debian before installed RedHat.I have to say that debian is not like Richard Stallman's prolcaimed.There is a bit of bugs like network installtion and old hardware's driver support.No one is perfect except Lord Jesus.

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