Friday, January 19, 2007

Once a Quaker,always a Quaker!!!

Thank God given this opporunity to know a new quaker today when I was going to the RockShow.You known what,cause of Im busting my ass to try for a project,so I got a bit of time pressure recently.God is really known my heart that more than myself which pick a right time to relax just for me---the RockShow.I havent know the new quaker when Van was leave here till today.That guy(new quaker) told me that He is passed to Tire1 of Nightmare level in Quake3:Arena~its awesome.Maybe We can play together next time.

Thank God:
1,Knew a quaker.---Once a Quaker,always a Quaker!!!
2,Enjoy the RockShow.---One RockShow can changing the world!!!

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