Sunday, October 08, 2006

Marlboro was return my table!!!

Im restart to smoking now. Because I was practice marathon with my friend last year,that the cigarett was throw away from my life.Now,Marlboro is back to my table~cool~its my old friend that I knew it when I was 13.On a other hand,Daikatana getted into my computer.My memorize is very clearly that Daikatana's test version get into my first computer in 2000.This is the Mr.Romero's last PC game when Ion Storm is crashed before.Actually I really like Daikatana's graphic backgroud and gameplay.Here,I have to say "sorry" again,about my computer game which came from id software(include Daikatana) all are privacy version(not like GNU's copyleft).Cause of China has not any publisher to sale it.I was talk to John Romero in Internet last week.As Steven said,the world getting smaller.John agree with that DOOM3 lost the gameplay,but just the graphic is perfect.Of course,the new engine(DOOM3) that id software spend 4 years to developed that lead by John Carmack.I really miss the game feeling within id games like DOOM and QUAKE.The Daikatana is great.It was builded base on QUAKE2 engine that always dark light in the game.I really like this color style of id.

All right.I have to go to sleep.Because I shall going to that frenk'in classroom to sign my name.If I
will not do that,the fuc'in university will not allow my exam to pass.This is fuc'in Chinese education that can not teach you how to live in the real-world.Steven told me that American education has a same problem.But forsure its better than here that I thought.Anyway,GOD BE WITH US!!!

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