Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trip of Thessaloniki for osc 2013

As many people mentioned, openSUSE conference 2013 was held on July 18 to July 22 in Thessaloniki, Greece. After 20hrs in the air and waiting in the airport( for transfer), I arrived in the city of Thessaloniki about 3:00 PM on July 17. Then I went to the sea side by buy No.78. It was really nice view there. Then I took a taxi to hotel for another 12 hrs sleep;-) I visited to the white tower and Aristotle square. The great Philosopher Aristotle was born in the place where near by the city of Thessaloniki. I thought Aristotle was visit the city but I haven't find the related information yet.

It was really nice to be there. Local people are so relaxing. Much relaxer than I feel in Beijing. I love this place, I do. I met many interesting guys here, including security guys and non-security guys. Some people I met in Thessaloniki, we all love beer/sec/gaming/system of a down/ramstein/Nirvana/etc....even the background music of main conference room was Nirvana songs. Man, can you believe it? I never see it happened in China. They guys are really awesome. I also met some sec guys there. They are very skilled and talented dudes. I think I learned not less from them in few days.

This trip makes me feel my way back home. Most people doesn't like what I like in BJ. I think the whole fucking society just can't accept the type of person like me. I don't wanna change.

 - I love punk rock and metal, am I wrong?
 - I love Philosophy/Theology/History, am I fucking wrong?
 - I love Tri-A title computer/video games, am I fucking wrong?
 - I don't care how much money I earn( I can still feed my family, you piece of shit-_-), am I wrong? 
 - I hate the type of guys in suit who are just dead inside( walk) with their fucking boring day job, am I fucking wrong?

I don't think I'm a weirdo guy. But most Chinese people I met in BJ just think that way. Don't give me wrong...I have some very awesome friends. They are Chinese dudes/ladies. But we are minorities....Greenday is always supporting us: "I wanna be the minority... I don't need your authorirty...Down with moral majority"...aha, I really love this song;-)

btw: The food in the city of Thessaloniki are really awesome, especially the seafood. And, I as a newbie had a presentation "Introduction to GNU/Linux hardening" in osc 2013.

Nice view, ha?

old good port

White Tower, or maybe we should call it "The Greece Tower"

I hadn't find the ASSOS yet;-)
 Little dude, you got a gun?
 Olympic Museum, this is the place for osc2013
  Gecko money is not a bad idea, isn't it?
 Sometime, RMS is wrong. Free speech is as free beer;-)
 July 23, people are gone
 I love this shit!@#$%^&*()
 Istanbul - In the map of Civilization IV, ring the bell?
 Awesome architecture...........

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