Thursday, October 06, 2011

Shawn the Shi* living like a dog

Holy shi*, it's hard to share about what the fuc* of my life in 2011. After thinking in a long night I just can say I was living like a dog this year. I have spent a lot of time for really boring job, repeat again and again. It would be suck to a hacker, right? Where the frenk'in of my creative and passions? I felt like it's all gone in past few months. I hate wasting life on boring work. Only the coward would do complain the "unfair" world and keep finding excuses but the truth is I was playing a coward this year. I want hacking/hiking/gaming like a real hacker. I want to startup again, and I will use free software solution this time. When? It's still planning... The Creator of Universe, help a coward to become a real warrior. May your will be done but not mine!

Yes, I'm living like a dog. But I'm still have to share the philosophy of free software to friends, I gave a free speech( downloadable slide) on Software Freedom Day 2011 in Chengdu Linux User Group. Only few enthusiasts came:

hiking on the trail:

the 2nd day we hiking into the montain:

beatiful snow views:


Thank to my beautiful wife has been always supporting my path which is subculture:

dude, we need to across the yak's territory:

Do not look at the middle:


I love this book:Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. I presented 15 copies of Chinese version to those people I met in seminar and trip. I will present another 55 copies to Chinese native speaker hackers. I don't why I think I'm duty share the oldest religion and the cutting-edge technology where comes from Israel, to hackers.

Burning stuff:

Ashes, looks like in inferno. Hhh... If God takes those nominal Christians who are greedy hypocrites to heaven, I would prefer inferno-_-

The morning of the 3rd day:

hello, dog:

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Too said...

Good hiking! 我看了你送的书的前一部分, 开头的几个故事都很精彩啊. PS: 我是上次和你在Chengdu Cloud Club认识的.