Monday, December 27, 2010

summary 2010

aha,2010 going to be a history and 2011 is coming.It's pretty exciting to embrace the new year's come.Im feeling never strong than now.That's a good sign for 2011.

I want to write some shit down's all about my memorable history:
The first job(in IYAKASA) I got after graduated that it's roll to write the automobile detection system in MFC code.I hate mfc,always.ditry framework and ugly macro-reflection was tortured me for 4 months.Then I got my second job in Just In Mobile.I worked for JIM even not much longer than IYAKASA(only 3 months).I felt better in JIM because I could written C code with UNIX platform out there at least.

Then,I was started a startup with 2 guys which the company's name is od software which focus on developing customized system for specific-industry.This Business is good in local but I think there's something inside of my heart I need to follow:try to figure out the truth of computer field.So I have to ask help for Computer Sicence,math,and philosophy.We closed the od after worked together for 18 months.Then I was travel to many places in China for tech seminars and hiking.After more than 6 months traveling around I got back in Feb.Now Im working for a local data-communication company.porting stuff from x86 to other architecture is my majority work now.It's a sleepy job for living at least can work with GNU/Linux.

I sponsored a open-seminar with few guys in mid-2008.And we are going to start a open-hacks with few MIT OCW(practical-c-programming,ose,CLP,etc) next January.We provided room,of course and Chinese tea:-) We hate the traditional teacher-student model.We would like to use DND model instead of traditional one which means:
1,we need a leader as if a dungeon master guide us a direction of the hack that described in OCW's lecture pdf when a group of guys hacking a specific open course
2,teacher(teacher) is a student,student is a teacher.

HOpe can bring more hacker spirit to those who will be hacking the open courses with us.

Another aha about the Kevin Kelly(KK).I would like to let you know a great book(in CHinese version) from KK has already been published for few days.I have read the first 3 chapters.the quality of the translation is always most-care thing we have.According to the first 3 chapters I think it's ok to read.Go,get the book.paper-version in Chinese or electronic in original(english).

KK's world view should be the high-prio task which we need to push it into our "queue".To me(and few hackers),magical literature like as Tanach(Old Testament) and science-fiction like as New Testament Bible in the level of mythology.It's hard to believe that KK was started writt the Out of Control about 20 years ago.Those ideas he talked about in the book is not expired for nowadays.How can a geek do
that?because of his Jerusalem trip or biking 4000 miles?or what...I dont know.But I definitely make sure that it's worth to read.Out of Control and KK's new book-What tech wants.A few months ago,a sister gave me a msg said"hey SHawn,you must be heard of KK".Wowo,If you points KK the wired I certainly Knew.Then we have start a open-seminar to discussed about KK's world views in Oct.

wowo...I bullshit a lot.And I really want to share more aha here.maybe next time~

Last thing,the articles I posted on solidot(Chinese slashdot) in 2010 lists:
Happy Programmer's Day(程序员节日快乐)
Burning Man上使用的开源电话系统
quakecon 2010的John Carmack的有趣演讲
华裔女医生Karen Woo在阿富汗被塔利班枪杀
Mark Zuckerberg改变世界的方式
2010的OPLC XO-3原型机
Dr. Beat Richner的故事
春节假期的建议--向周围朋友分享MIT OCW

This is new year or just another fight?
God bless China and Israel in 2011!!!

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