Wednesday, October 06, 2010

trip of kangting

We have been to kangting..yes,kangting,again~but no hiking/biking something.because we only have 7-days vacation that we choose the road trip.There's still bunch of beautiful places out there.You're get involve in a natural environment which in the wonderful creations that it must driving you to do some philosophical think.what's the purpose of your frenk'in life?what the kind of ways you need to pursuit with?freedom or dreams in metaphical, code something in physical? that's a hard issues I dont have figure it out yet.Last year,I almost die in a jungle near(35km) to kangting city.After 13 months the process of event still picturing in my mind,pretty clearly.I as a humanoid walking on the suck but wondering world that have to ask about those 3 questions again:where's my LOVE?where's my HOPE?what's the purpose of my life?7 years of itchs,but it's still hard to answer..........

the first mountain in Ya'an area we need to pass.

country side

shangli town

unfortunately,the Talmud doesnt have a full-version of Chinese doesnt means that I have to learning hebrew,right?

ya'an city

I was hiking here last year

we were passing through the tunnel


only the idiot dont drink buttered tea when you're reach the highland in the southwest of China

can you writing code within a hot spring pool on 2700m altitude?

this probabaly is highest altitude airport in the planet.4250 meters high on top of the "zheduo" mountain.


flying here dude,it's worth to try~

airport entry

we have been stuck in mountain(3900m altitude) caused by traffic jams.damn,where's the fucking traffic police gone?Thank God,we met a group of army and they helped us to passing through,safely.

thanks,buddy.You guys effort made a smooth traffic.

traffic jams for 15km.


Xindu Bridge (新都橋)

the path to danba country


tagong town,see?

getting near to danba

Tibetan Village in danba country

castle in danba country

we were going to cross the jiajin mountain.

hightland lake

This place is great.Im going to hiking this place next year.

go home......

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