Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy gaming time II

I have a happy gaming time about 2 years ago.The AssassinCreed was a wonderful created by a talented development team,I mean UBI.Thank Lord Im still existing in this suck world and having fun with a great game---AssassinCreedII.The history was occurs in the 15th century when Renaissance getting close to the end.You can see many beautiful architectures in the game world.And even though you can see many corrupts in history of Christianity Church,but (honestly) you still can see the glorious lights from LORD by footprints of history.Im going to share something pictures from snapshots:

That's me.My name is Ezio.One of my great ancestor is altair who has gaming with you in the first edition of the game.


Florence,the first place you will see in the game world

a monastery.I came here for kick 2 guys ass and get some important infos from a monk

aha,beautiful woman."hello,mamdama"latin or french?

memory is........

Cross making me fear.....fear God,but fear no man!


stealth to the castle


May Cross's lights guide us!

Santa Maria del Fiore.I wanna trip here(I mean in relative to real world)

it's a kind of Byzantine style architecture

man have a dream to fly...

And,jump dude!

one assassin show can change the world,isnt is?

world cant be changed by 2 man dies.but the 2 man themselves

btw:if you are a hacker(not cracker),I advice you spend 24 hours for gaming the AssassinCreedII.It's worth to try.

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