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trip of Beijing---free software seminars

seminar:Free software
date:Oct 22th,2009

This was my 3rd time to the city--Beijing.Im here for 3 seminars.One about free software.2 of seminars are tech-related(helloGcc and aka kernel).

RMS gave us a free speech last night.The topic is Danger of Software Patent that he explain why the patent system are threating the public freedom.I totally agree with him on this point.After the speech~we have turning to FAQ time.I went to the front of the table and speak to him.Here's the conversation snippet I have remember:
Shawn:Hello,Mr.Stallman.It's honorable to talk to you.I wanna ask a question for ya.What do you think of the purpose of your life and free software,I mean the connection about them?

RMS:That's a huge problem.There are a lot of purpose in life,I would love to learning new things,see the beautiful things,and delicious food.

Shawn:what's your final purpose?

RMS:There's no final purpose.

Shawn:sounds humanism.I think your final purpose are "there's no final purpose".Are you a Jew?

RMS:Im a antitheist in scientific.

Shawn:Mr.Stallman.Is there are any possibility to beat the patent system?

RMS:No,but we can avoid it.
RMS is a one of great man I met.He is a great warrior in software field.About 30 years ago,some hackers who claimed that they are Christians.Some of them own better tech skills and knowledge than RMS.Perhaps they truely believed in Christ.But there is just one man came forward with respect to the moral law(the creation of General Revelation by GOD).I think of almost of free software philosophy comply with the Holy BIBLE.Try to think about this:God created the world and share the details about the creation of the world include our weakness and the possibility to betray HIM.thats why Satan(lucifer) knew our weakness.What if GOD has not share the source code of the creation of the world?That would be terrify.

ancient Greeks,Homer's epic points out that there are 4 attributes which could be composed a perfect character---knowledge,wisdom,courage,temperance.RMS is a warrior with courage,He prefer gave up a lot of shits like money,fame,etc to pursuiting the purpose of his life---free software movement.I,as Christian,firstable Thank GOD allowed the possibility could be existed in phenomenon world(because of the possibility,our life have funs).and I also thank RMS to made a great choice even though he is not a Christian now.

I was never stop asking my myself after leave the seminar yesterday:Where was the heros of kingdom of God gone?Where are they now?

May LORD Jesus leading hackers!

btw:Tom Pittman expressed the importance of creativity in his description of the feeling that accompanies true hacking:In that instant,I as a Christian thought I could feel something of the satisfaction that God must have felt when He created the world.

The father of free software movement.

The founder of GNU project.GNU/Linux is just a piece of GNU system.


xf was talking about open hardware with RMS.

ben NanoNote from qi-hardware and openMoko

thank God,I got a openMoko that will be my next hacking.

line 4,MTR

I bet he will be a great artist:)

Shawn,my old sister

Oct 25th 2009,kernel seminar


Herbert Xu

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