Thursday, December 04, 2008

the Great music

I spent days and nights for listen music that are below list:
Johann Pachelbel Canon and Gigue in D major for 3 violins and Basso Continuo
Dvorak 7th Symphony
Dvorak 9th Symphony(one of my favorite)
Handel Water Music Wassermusik

Handel-Messiah that it's not easy to understand but I will keep listen.

These music are really awsome.It's not just like some boy band,girl band that people called music.These real music that all created by Christians.

Where is the great musician who working for glorify God today?
ignorance if you guys answer "I dont know"
apathy if you guys answer "I dont care"

FATHER,please mercy to our logos.

Predigerkirche, the Erfurt church where Pachelbel worked for 12 years since 1678.

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