Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fallen Shawn the R0ck

I have stay with my girl(in facto,wife now) in the last 20 days.We get marriged before God.Our situation remind me a song:Walk hard.
Walk hard...hard..down life...rock-N-roll~
Walk bold...hard..thats my creed..my code......
Anyway,I have to stay alone for months.I ahhh....emotionally or mentally depressed.I dont know how to explain what i want to say......like as?dead inside?no..of course not~

PLease pray for me!!!Honestly,I need you pray!

My wife bought a book of The Art of computer Programming for me:
a fren'in slacker

my beautiful lady

I have create a google group which named of HackerFellowship.In old greece,the fellowship means a group of guys who enjoy with hacking to achive a same goal.We want to use this group promoting hacker ethic(culture,etc..but not just in computer field),algorithm,philosophy,methodology,computer science(aNd low-level stuff like as embedded system and open hardware).Welcome Hackers to join in!


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thanks dude! I believe that God will prepare a pretty girl for you which is real fit your spirit.Keep waiting!!!I have been wait for this moment for 21 years:)