Tuesday, February 05, 2008

let doom popular again

Are you gaming urself???
Because of I bought a new PC(AMD 4400+,2GB DDR800,GeForce8500),I have play a lot of game recently(Gear of War,Unreal III,Ghost Recon3,etc).But one of most exciting stuff is skulltag which is a mod of doom2 that a id gamer who named of Garry introduced it to me.A real gamer(doom,quake) always had creativity influence on earth.

If you want to play skulltag with us that you can visit this website.

Gear of War has great graphic features.I was taken some picture that is below:

How much is juice worth?

Back to hole(hell)

a frenk'in pilgarlic,u r a dead man?

Someone call me that chengdu chainsaw massacre:

btw:Happy Chinese New Year,all of you guys!
And,Im sorry my sweety Evin.I cant stay with you in this Valentine's day!May God bless China...Lord..please,ur grace,let mercy come.....

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