Thursday, March 29, 2007

What about dream?

最近看完了 UNIX的编程艺术,在最后一章的最后一段ESR所讲的内容可谓激动人心,可以看出ESR以及很多开源社区的兄弟们为了梦想不断的在创造哲学,文化与技术.愿上帝都祝福他们,能让更多的为着开源社区做出激情贡献的人们能够认识到耶稣基督,找到人类最本质的来源---God

Shawn感谢上帝带领人类开创了自由软件,感谢Eric S.Raymond写了这本可以被称为计算机文化圣经的作品---The Art of Unix Programming,也感谢John Romero,John Carmack创造了id神话,让更多的像Shawn这样的笨蛋也能理解的开源文化.

感谢Eric S.Raymond为所有为开源所奋斗的人们的鼓舞:
Reasons to Believe
The future of Unix is full of difficult problems. Would we truly want it any other way?
For more than thirty years we have thrived on challenges. We pioneered the best practices of software engineering. We created today's Internet and Web. We have built the largest, most complex, and most reliable software systems ever to exist. We outlasted the IBM monopoly and we're making a run against the Microsoft monopoly that is good enough to deeply frighten it.
Not that everything has been triumph by any means. In the 1980s we nearly destroyed ourselves by acceding to the proprietary capture of Unix. We neglected the low end, the nontechnical end users,for far too long and thereby left Microsoft an opening to grossly lower the quality standards of software. Intelligent observers have pronounced our technology, our community, and our values to be dead any number of times.

But always we have come storming back. We make mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes. We have transmitted our culture across generations; we have absorbed much of what was best from the early academic hackers and the ARPANET experimenters and the microcomputer enthusiasts and a number of other cultures. The open-source movement has resurrected the vigor and idealism of our early years, and today we are stronger and more numerous than we have ever been.

So far, betting against the Unix hackers has always been short-term smart but long-term stupid. We can prevail — if we choose to.

同时感谢John Romero发布了1990年在Sheveport小木屋的照片,希望这能鼓舞更多的人追求梦想:

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.May God bless OpenSource community!!!


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